RFTIT Tumblr Weekly Roundup!


Hello all! It’s that time of the week again, so let’s get into the news:

  • Battle of Blackwater Week Update: Tyrion XI and XII are done, Sansa IV is done and V is almost done, Davos III is almost done, Tyrion XIII is halfway done, and Sansa VI is mostly done. That just leaves the last two chapters of the battle, Tyrion XIV and Sansa VII which need quotes filled in.
    • In other news, people who signed up for the Battle of Blackwater Week rewards, keep an eye on your email.
  • Theon V is done, and that’s the last pre-Blackwater chapter I’ll be doing before BoBW goes up.

And now, the Tumblrs!


17 thoughts on “RFTIT Tumblr Weekly Roundup!

  1. winnief says:

    Thanks for the updates. I await Blackwater Week with breathless anticipation.

  2. thatrabidpotato says:

    Ah, so you believe Ned and Ashara were lovers?
    I tend to think so too, it makes so much more dramatic sense than “Brandon the playboy conquered girl #253 and later his brother killed hers.”

    • Keith B says:

      What a world. Dance just once with a girl at a tournament (and need to be urged to do even that much) and gossiping tongues start wagging all the way to the Wall.

      Ashara was a high-born maiden. Would Honorable Ned Stark be capable of dishonoring her and spoiling her reputation? Wasn’t that exactly what Littlefinger did to Lysa?

      • David Hunt says:

        There are numerous double standards in Westeros, just like there are in the real world. First Dornish mores are different from the rest of the Seven Kingdoms, so how much of her reputation would have been spoiled is debatable. Plus, Harwyn and Edric Dayne, while talking to Arya, don’t seem to think it was at all bad, even if it did happen. Finally, even if a nobleman sleeps with a lady before wedlock or even fathers a child on her, everything’s still Jake if he marries her.

        At the time of the Tourney at Harrenhall, neither Ned nor Ashara were promised to anyone. I’m pretty sure that they were planning on getting married and their kid being two months “premature” wouldn’t have even raised any eyebrows.

        However, Ned’s brother was killed, Ned found himself as a principle in a rebellion against the King, and had to fill in for his brother in a marriage alliance, and both he and Cat ended up marrying someone when they were loved someone else.

        • Crystal says:

          According to the WOIAF, Kevan Lannister and Dorna Swyft married for love (they met when Dorna was a hostage at Casterly Rock, for her father’s good behavior and repayment of loans). Likewise, Aegon V married for love back when he was low down in the succession order.

          I think that Ned, being a second son, would have been allowed to marry Ashara for love. I surmise that second and younger sons would be allowed to marry for love, as long as the young woman was of suitable birth and reputation. The Daynes were good enough to marry into the Targaryen family, so I’m sure they’d be good enough for a Stark. And if their first baby was *cough cough* “born at seven months” – it probably wouldn’t be the first time. Elizabeth of Lancaster, daughter of John of Gaunt, and John Holland, had to have a shotgun (spearpoint?) wedding for this very reason.

          I am curious about how Ashara might have adjusted to the North. There’d be quite a culture (and weather) shock there.

          • thatrabidpotato says:

            She might not have had to. Ned and Ashara might have just moved in with Robert and Lyanna.

          • @thatrabidpotato

            “She might not have had to. Ned and Ashara might have just moved in with Robert and Lyanna.”

            So ASOIAF meets The Flinstones? Which I’m cool with as long as we get to see a dragon incinerate a slaver, then turn to the fourth wall and say, “Eh, it’s a living…”

          • Chad says:

            I always sort of figured that Ashara might have been husband hunting for someone able to join the kings court full time so she could stay around her brother/the royal family and stay a lady-in-waiting to Elia Martell. So Ashara was into Ned because he was a combination of high ranking, not married/engaged and was able to move to Kings Landing/kings court full time.

            So if Ashara and Ned married I figure that they would mostly live in Kings Landing with the royal court.

      • thatrabidpotato says:

        How would it be soiling her reputation if she’s not engaged, he’s not engaged, and they are making plans to correct that with each other?

        • Keith B says:

          Nobody thinks Ned is the kind of man who would wait until the honeymoon? Tut tut.

          I’ll tell you what’s wrong with it. Whatever their present intentions might be, if they aren’t married there’s always the possibility that Ned might die or be required to marry someone else. Then Ashara could be left with a little love-child who has no right to inherit whatever portion Lord Rickard may provide for his second son. Ashara would be damaged goods with no prospect of marrying anyone near her social station, like Amerei Frey, or Lysa Tully (if Jon Arryn hadn’t been forced to accept her for the sake of the alliance). Dorne may be more liberal than the rest of Westeros, but it’s not that liberal. I hate to sound like an old Septa, but Westeros is an extremely patriarchal society where the nobility place a very high value on a woman’s virtue.

          But believe what you like. And may the Maiden forgive you for it.

          • thatrabidpotato says:

            18 year old guy is confronted with this: http://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/File:Elena-maria-vacas-ashara-dayne.jpg

            No, I can’t really see him waiting.

            As for the main thrust of your argument: if, could, maybe. They don’t have themselves as examples. You don’t go into a betrothal thinking “We have to get married NOW because a meteor could fall out of the sky and kill one of us.” They’re teenagers in love in a time of peace, spring has come, and they’re at the biggest party the continent has seen in generations. Also, alcohol. There’s no reason to think Lord Rickard would deny Ned if he came to him about wanting to wed Ashara, it’s a suitable match. Add all that up, and I think he’s willing to gamble that he can survive 6-7 months of betrothal.

          • The WOIAF seems to suggest that Dorne is more liberal than you think.

            But why would Ned think he’d die or be married off? He’s not the heir, and his family has already secured good dynastic connections to two Great Houses so they’re not hurting on that score. And the realm’s been at peace since the War of Ninepenny Kings and there’s no threat from the Blackfyres anymore.

            I think Ned did a simple, human thing. He fell in love and consummated that love. And then his sister vanishes, his father and brother die, he has to fight a war, marry a stranger, see children murdered, kill some of the most famous and beloved men in the realm including his would-have-been brother-i-law, and then he finds out that the woman he love miscarried and then kills herself because of him.

            I think Ned was a fundamentally different man after the Rebellion.

  3. Steven Xue says:

    Weren’t deserters normally hanged? In the third book of Maurice Druon’s Accursed King’s series when King Louis X was marching against Flanders, a bad rain ruined his provisions and his army started deserting en mass. So Constable of France Gaucher De Chatillon submitted that he had to hang quite a few of them to deter others from deserting as well.

  4. Follow up to the money question: Are there any major historical examples of one common currency taking over for another, without any notable disorganized period in between? Could it be that there are just simply tons of Volentene coins still out there, but that with the growing strength of the Iron Bank, Braavosi coinage is steadily (but not quite yet) catching up in ubiquity?

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