RFTIT Tumblr Weekly Roundup!


Hey folks! It’s that time of the week again. So let’s get into the news:

  • Battle of Blackwater Week Update: Tyrion XI is done, Tyrion XII is done, Sansa IV is at 4,000 words and almost done, Sansa V has three pages written, Davos III has four pages written. Still need to add the quotes for Tyrion XIII and XIV and Sansa VI and VII, but I’m getting there.
  • Catelyn VII is done and out, need to start work on Theon V. Trying to write both these and the Blackwater chapters at the same time is tiring.
  • Kickstarter Fulfillment Update: the e-books went out late Monday night. If you haven’t gotten an e-book you contributed for, please contact me through the About page here.

And now, the Tumblrs:


25 thoughts on “RFTIT Tumblr Weekly Roundup!

  1. Iñigo says:

    Didn’t you have a bet about Euron losing to the Redwynes?

    • winnief says:

      Am inclined to agree with Steve on that bet. Euron’s plan to just take the Seven Kingdoms outright *might* have made an insane sense if he had something like dragons but he doesn’t and he ain’t getting them either. (If he was serious about the Dragon horn scheme he should have sent someone other than Vic to do it.)

      As is, I think the whole thing just fits the pattern of the Iron Born as total losers who only manage to fuck things up for everyone else.

      Also yeah if Asha wanted a more peaceful route for the Iron Born including an alliance with the North then its too late. It irritates me that she never admits to anyone even herself that Theon was right and they should have taken Robb’s offer or at least not attacked the North.

      • Iñigo says:

        Well, Euron ultimately losing is normal, but against the Redwynes…

      • Crystal says:

        Ha, the Ironborn are Westerosi rednecks! I agree that Asha’s proposal was too little, too late. If she was really serious about a New Way, she could have: made a coalition with the Harlaws, Botleys, Baelor Blacktyde, and Wossname Merlyn who ruled Pebbleton and seemed to favor the greenland ways. Married Tristifer Botley, which would have given her a husband who would have treated her decently as well as getting all the Botleys solidly on her side, because Tristifer would be a king consort. Told Gylbert Farwynd to put his money where his mouth was and go find that cool land across the Sunset Sea and then report back. He could have been Westeros’ Henry the Navigator. And she could have started doing this way back when Balon was still alive. Instead, she was too busy playing Daddy’s Little Pirate Princess.

        The Old Way has always been a losing proposition since Black Harren Hoare died, as the Reader pointed out. Even Euron is not going to be able to make his Old Way stick, because the Reach is vastly more populous and richer than the Iron Islands. It’s not even a close contest. There would have to be a Black-Death style depopulation or a full-scale Others invasion that spares the Iron Islands, for the Reachmen to not get fed up and trounce the Ironborn – who aren’t really into doing much more than smash-and-grab anyway.

        The miracle is that *someone* hasn’t shown up at Pyke with a full navy, intent on subduing them for good and all. Now that the vast bulk of the Iron Fleet is on its way to Dany – and we know that Vic is gonna be a delicious grilled snack for one of the dragons, so the fleet will belong to Dany pretty soon – they’re going to be up a creek.

    • thatrabidpotato says:

      If Steven thinks that Euron is going to lose to the Redwyne fleet, then I heartily disagree with him.
      He’s right that that would be the logical thing to expect, a bunch of longships crewed by gibbering barbarians have no right to beat a fleet of heavy battlewagons….

      Which is exactly why they will. How many times in this series has the logical thing happened? Especially in a situation like this, where you are being beaten over the head that the Redwynes are going to come back and set it all aright?

      • winnief says:

        Good point…logically Balon’s invasion of the North never should have worked either and Theon should never have taken Winterfell. Martin does like to put his thumb on the scales to ensure the worst results and Euron claims to know storm magic…

        • Space Oddity says:

          He’s not claiming anything in this case. He DOES know storm magic (or has “employees” who do). He even uses it to get the Ironborn to the Shield Islands.

          • Grant says:

            Euron is also a warg, and one who seems to have gotten as far as controlling other humans over a vast distance (though it might require a huge effort). The guy has some reason for his arrogance, he really does have a lot of power and ability to gather information.

          • thatrabidpotato says:

            A warg? What evidence do you have for that? Pretty sure that’s another one of the crazy crackpots that seem to make up the majority of westeros.org nowadays. Right up there with Jojen paste and Rhaegar+Lyanna= Margaery.

          • Grant says:

            His mention of a bird that told him he could fly and the very strange behavior of the woman he gave Victarion, especially after Moqorro appears. It’s true that not every magic-user has been shown to be a warg, but the two combined makes me believe that he does have the power to put his mind in the bodies of other creatures.

  2. winnief says:

    Love your pomp piece Steve and how you note that Henry VIII despite constantly getting new influxes of cash always managed to waste it in his campaign to become a Legendary Warrior figure when of course his battles were all pointless. (Katherine of Aragorn meantime successfully defended England against the Scots and won a huge decisive victory while Henry was screwing around in France…yet another reason the divorce was so unpopular. )

    I think the best use of pomp was probably done by Henry’s daughter Elizabeth I who kept a magnificent court (and was an unashamed clothes horse) but did so while guiding England to peace and prosperity.

    (Btw someday want your reviews of The wolf hall trilogy and can’t wait for Book three!)

    We’re so close to Blackwater Week and can hopefully finish ACOK and start on ASOS before the end of winter. Stay strong Steve!

    • Space Oddity says:

      Elizabeth had a mixed record on the peace and prosperity thing… Everyone remembers the First Spanish Armada, but forgets that the war that was part of went for nearly twenty years after that…

    • To be fair to Henry, he was often militarily successful and then got screwed at the peace table due to bad alliances. And the Rough Wooing almost worked!

      As far as Blackwater Week goes, I’m done with Sansa IV, almost done with Sansa V, and almost done with Davos III.

  3. Sean C. says:

    Regarding the North/Vale animosity, or lack thereof, to an extent you could say this is explained by the fact that the war appears to have ended pretty conclusively 1000 years ago, despite being fought on-and-off for 1000 years beforehand. This is, of course, a world where everybody has astoundingly long historical memory, but that’s still a notable difference compared to Dorne and the Reach, where warfare seems to have been ongoing through pretty much their whole histories until the reign of Daeron II (and even then, the Blackfyre Rebellions kept that alive).

    • winnief says:

      Good point SeanC. And as Steve noted since then the North and the Vale have had a number of inter-marriages, fosterings, and probably become very close trade partners as well. You don’t hear if similar relationships between the Reach and Dorne.

    • thatrabidpotato says:

      This is also why I think people who say Robb should never have named a Bolton to command his troops are being silly. The last Dreadfort revolt was at least a thousand years ago, possibly even before the Worthless Wars.

      • Grant says:

        It does make sense to urge wariness of them, but not because the Boltons used to be rival kings. It’s because the Boltons are a powerful house that isn’t known for unusually firm loyalty to the Starks. As Tyrion points out, every one of the great houses has a house like the Boltons, you need to always be on your guard around them because they’re going to be willing to advance themselves at your expense.

        Now Robb may not have had much choice, for their plan to work he needed a cold, calculating commander. Were any other lords available who could fit that?

        • thatrabidpotato says:

          No, for the plan to work he just needed someone who wasn’t a berserker like the Greatjon. He overreacted by choosing someone who was the exact opposite. Should’ve just chosen a happy medium of aggressiveness and caution. I think either of the Glovers would’ve worked fine.

    • That’s a fair point.

  4. thatrabidpotato says:

    Link about the Frey’s Crossing leads to Stannis and the Faith.

    Steven pls

  5. Iñigo says:

    Offtopic: the link to wars and politics of ice and fire no longer takes to the correct site.

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