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As of this reading, the Kickstarter is not just *at* its goal of $9,500, it’s over the goal! The next step is fulfillment, getting people their books and whatnot (Battle of Blackwater Week is breathing down my neck).

Which means now I can devote the time I spent updating and promoting and emailing folks to writing. Speaking of which, on with Jon Snow!


14 thoughts on “FUNDED!

  1. Steven Xue says:

    So now I gather we can look forward to your analysis of Storm of Swords very soon.

  2. David Hunt says:

    Congratulations! Looking forward to Blackwater Week.

    I know almost nothing about Kickstarter. With that caveat, if you want to put one of these together in the future, the few that I’ve seen typically have a (lower) base amount that funds the project at a minimal level with “Stretch Goals” that unlock additional benefits for amounts raised above the base amount. I get the impression that that is what you were trying to do with the various additional essays added at various funding levels. I think that’s how it works, but have no idea how hard that would be to set up.

    • David Hunt says:

      Of course my above comment would only be helpful for future projects, even if it’s correct. I’m just glad you made it. Plus you’ve got six days for addition funding to come in.

    • Thanks! Yeah, I learned a lot of lessons by making mistakes.

      I probably should have done the stretch goals thing to begin with, but there was also a certain amount of tension about whether to put the goal low to make the stretch goal thing work or whether that would be dishonest about what I actually needed to work full-time writing.

      So, yeah, valuable lessons for the future.

  3. winnief says:

    Congratulations Steve. Looking forward to all your upcoming projects.

  4. artihcus022 says:

    Maester Attewell has benefitted greatly…

  5. Haplo-6 says:

    F yes. Congrats…

  6. winnief says:

    You’re up to over 10 grand now Steve. That’s significantly better than last time and it ain’t even done!

  7. […] The Kickstarter has funded! So we are go for the e-books, the physical books, Battle of Blackwater Week, and all the bonus essays. Thanks so much for all your support! […]

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