RFTIT Tumblr Weekly Roundup!


Hey, folks! It’s that time of the week, so it’s time for some news and a Tumblr roundup.

First, the news: as part of the lead-up to the Battle of Blackwater Week, there’s going to be a schedule change. Rather than going next into Tyrion XI-XIV, Sansa IV-VII, and Davos III,  which cover the battle, I’m going to do the non-battle chapters first. So coming up on Monday, I’ll be releasing Theon IV instead. 

Second, the Kickstarter is heading into its final days. We’ve crossed the $8,000 mark, so the Politics of the Seven Kingdoms essay series has unlocked! I’ll be making an announcement soon about what we’re going to be doing in the case that we don’t hit $15,000 so that everyone gets the rewards they paid for and everyone gets the bonus essays that got unlocked, which I will make sure happens.

Next, let’s look at some Tumblr posts:



11 thoughts on “RFTIT Tumblr Weekly Roundup!

  1. winnief says:

    Thanks for all this Steve. A little surprised by the way you’re handling the build-up chapters to Blackwater, (I’m an Aspy and I fear change!) but it makes sense and I AM excited for Theon IV. I assume post Blackwater chapters will happen in order after Blackwater week. For Blackwater I’m actually most excited about the Cersei-Sansa bits but I’ll explain that more later.

    really like your thoughts on the Riverlands.

  2. winnief says:

    Also like your points on guerrilla warfare. I agree populated locations lend themselves well to such tactics but also areas with particular geographical issues like the Neck where the Crannogmen have such ad advantage because no one knows the marshes like they do.

  3. thatrabidpotato says:

    What makes you think Dondarrion had less than 200 men? I’ve always assumed the figure was somewhere in the vicinity of 800-1200 at its height, spread out throughout the Riverlands.

    • According to the Lightning Lord: “Six score of us set out to bring the king’s justice to your brother..More than eighty of our company are dead now, but others have taken up the swords that fell from their hands.” Six score is 120 men.

      Tom o’ Sevenstreams says there are hundreds and possibly thousands across the Riverlands operating independently, but if we’re talking Beric Dondarrion’s direct command, it’s 120 men.

      • thatrabidpotato says:

        Then in that case I think we just have different definitions of “direct command”. If those hundreds and thousands of men are answering to Beric’s commands, to me they count.

        • It’s not entirely clear that they do answer to his commands. Guerrilla movements tend to have independently operating cells, and the Mad Huntsman doesn’t seem to follow Beric’s rules without being forced to.

  4. winnief says:

    Public service announcement….to anyone who hasn’t already donated to Steve then please do even if its only a small sum because time is running out and I’m sure we’d all like to start ASOS soon. It will make the wait for TWOW and Season 6 so much more bearable.

    Man I need a life…

  5. SpaceSquid says:

    Loved the back and forth about the “Stone dragon = Jon” theory, which I’d never heard. I’d point out tthat Mel believes she’s going to be waking a stone dragon is absolutely not evidence against the theory that it refers to Jon – who else will be bringing him back from the dead? Moreover, the link to subterranean Winterfell is obvious; if Stannis takes the castle Jon’s body might well end up there in any case; a stone dragon waiting to be awoken. Of course, to do this someone would have to preserve his body with salt and worry about it being warmed by the steaming geysers and…. hang on!

    (This actually links into another question; if Jon will be the hero reborn who saves us from the Walkers, and as you yourself have argued the final battle will be at Winterfell, it’s at least arguable it would make more sense for him to wake up back home than on the Wall.)

    In truth, as a theory I think it’s a stretch. But it might have a wee bit more weight to it than you’ve implied.

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