Non-ASOIAF News: Guest Appearance on Graphic Policy Radio


This has nothing to do with ASOIAF, but if you’re into comic books, I did a podcast yesterday about Sam Wilson: Captain America #1 and the politics of comics.


6 thoughts on “Non-ASOIAF News: Guest Appearance on Graphic Policy Radio

  1. winnief says:

    For the record I LOVE your analysis on how Steve is actually a liberal, (hated the ultimate version which completely misunderstood the character).

    And you just hit 7500 the halfway point Woo Hoo!

  2. David Hunt says:

    I’ve always loved that Steve Rogers article you wrote. It’s good to have a view of how Cap became such a great guy from a liberal perspective without having to decide that he was a mutant all along whose power was to exorcise prejudice from his mind.

    I haven’t read the main Captain America comic in many years, although I’ve seen him in other comics from time to time, but I still remember feeling…off while reading his Ultimate version. He started out looking okay, but I slowly realized that he wasn’t someone that I liked or even admired. I was glad he was working to save the world, but my admiration for him was due to his tactical competence instead of any respect for him as a person.

    I first encountered Cap as a kid in 1980 and, reflecting on it, I loved how he made me feel optimistic in a way that I don’t think most Conservatives feel. Conservatives might very well tell you that they feel optimistic about America. However, I think that Steve Rogers’ greatest power is that, done right, he makes people feel optimistic about Americans.

    When Marvel has attempted to re-purpose him away from that liberal personification of the American Dream, he just doesn’t work. I haven’t read anything much by Marvel recently and hadn’t heard that he been aged into (apparently) a tired frustrated old man who is also The Man. That makes me sad, but we can hope that he will find his love for his fellow Americans again and place it beside his love of country.

    • Funny you should say that, because Magneto tried to mind-control anti-mutant prejudice out of Captain America’s head once…but it turned out he didn’t have any.

      • David Hunt says:

        I’d forgotten about that. I remember how shocked Magneto was. He was convinced that once he purged any anti-mutant bigotry out of Cap that he’d come over to his side. He was so convinced that the only reason someone could have for opposing him was prejudice. He didn’t even consider that he could be in the moral wrong until Cap threw it in his face.

  3. Winnie says:

    May I mention how awesome Winter Soldier was…and how excited I am for Civil War?!? I mean I HATED the comics version, but I think the movie could be really REALLY good.

    Glad you hit 8k Steve…that unlocks some more essays.

    Fingers crossed that in the last few days you get the final push to 15.

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