RFTIT Tumblr Weekly Roundup!


Hello everyone! It’s been a banner week here at Race for the Iron Throne – Harrenhal fell, I kicked off a huge debate about the White Walkers and got 35,000 views in a day, the Kickstarter crossed 33%, etc. So let’s take it down a notch and check out what’s been going on @Tumblr:


24 thoughts on “RFTIT Tumblr Weekly Roundup!

  1. winnie says:

    Thanks for this Steve. I think you’re right and that Roose was counting on the fact that Tywin couldn’t take the North by force and that no Northman would bend the knee to the Lannister’s or their puppet ruler.

    Of course the Northerners weren’t about to acknowledge Roose as their king either especially not with Ramsay as his heir. I really do regret sometimes that Tywin didn’t live to see the Northern rebellion…or the likely reappearance of Rickon and Sansa in the North and resurgence of the Stark cause. His reaction would have been *priceless*. Or his realization of how far Littlefinger’s ambition really went and how he Tywin helped enable that.

    For that matter I also miss not seeing Balon’s reaction to Tywin and the Boltons fighting over the North without either one acknowledging him as the Iron Born were driven out.

    • You’re welcome!

      I think it’s more that Roose thought that with the other options being the Ironborn and the Lannisters, he’d be the least worst option, especially if he can burnish his nationalist credentials by kicking the Ironborn out of Moat Cailin.

      Sort of a “he’s a bastard, but he’s a Northern bastard” thing.

      • winnie says:

        That might have been his thinking but considering Roose not only committed regicide but also slaughtered thousands of his fellow Northerners it would have been an uphill climb to say the least and let’s not get started on Ramsay the Walking Liability.

        Also this means Roose almost certainly didn’t know about Robb’s will or one of his first moved when he got home would be going after Jon before the North could rally behind him. As it stands though I think Rickon’s homecoming will render that particular wrinkle irrelevant.

        • David Hunt says:

          I’m sure the Roose is planning to have Ramsay killed shortly after “Arya” produces a son, thus eliminating him as a political liability. He might even do so by executing him of some horrific crime like framing Theon for his own crimes of killing Bran and Rickon or burning Winterfell. Everything Roose said about being resigned to Ramsay killing his children by Fat Walda because child lords are a disaster…he said all that to Theon. And Roose explicitly said that he knows that Theon will tell Ramsay everything he said. Roose said all that because it is exactly what Ramsay wants to hear. It will make Ramsay feel safer and less on guard for when the knife comes out.

  2. winnie says:

    Also LOVE your thoughts on House Gardener. Personally I think the Tyrell’s are going to share the Gardeners fate and the Tarlys will be the next rulers of the Reach.

    I don’t have anything against House Bracken but I adore House Blackwood. Sometimes I wonder if Hoster Blackwood would make a good match with Sansa since the families have intermarried in the past.

  3. Steven Xue says:

    The Tyrells weren’t in on the Southron Ambitions as far as we know so they had no stake in joining the rebels. Besides given how all the rebel ringleaders (besides Ned) had to fight separatists in their individual kingdoms shows that perhaps Mace thought the rebels didn’t have a snowballs chance in hell of getting the numbers to make a difference.

    • Yeah, absolutely not. Given their longterm ambition to get a Tyrell in as queen, there’s no way they want to weaken the monarchy when they can get royal favor instead.

    • winnie says:

      I’m sure that was part of it. Mace figured the dragons were a safe bet and likely to be generous. If he’d really thought Roberts Rebellion could succeed he might have played it very differently. But Mace has a knack for picking the wrong horse with his later support of Renly, (he could after all just as easily picked the true heir Stannis and sealed the deal by promising Willas or Loras for Shireen) and then later with the Lannisters.

      The first two missteps didn’t do House Tyrell or Highgarden any real harm but the third one…

      • Steven Xue says:

        Ironically at the present they might just be able to get the royal marriage Mace must have craved for if Aegon agrees to marry Marg. But I image Dany coming back will shit on that deal as well.

  4. Winnie says:

    BTW, when does your Salon piece go up? Not only do I look forward to reading it, but I also think it might help your Kickstarter numbers.

    And where are you on Dany in the Greenseer’s Funhouse?

  5. Space Oddity says:

    I’m gonna have to differ with you on the Brackens, Steve–by that logic, you would say, for example, in our world that “clearly the Suris were the original kings in Northern India, and the Mughals merely invaders who took their place.”

    My own personal suspicion is that the Blackwoods fled down to the Riverlands during a chaotic time–possibly right after the collapse of the Fishers’ kingdom–with enough soldiers to essentially make their own kingdom out of the ashes there. The Brackens then made their fortune at horse-breeding, fomented unrest and took over after a few generations–the Blackwoods revolted and took over again a few generations after that… And wash and repeat as the two families essentially knocked down everything they’d built squabbling over who got to be the King on the Hill.

  6. Ser Biffy Clegane says:

    IMHO, the problem with guessing Roose’s state of mind is his statement to Theon that he doesn’t expect to live to see Walda’s Sons come off age, and to a lesser extent Barbray Dustin’s analysis of his motives.

    It’s hard to believe that Roose thinks that Ramsay can rule the North, so what’s his end game? I personally don’t even have a guess.

    • Wnnie says:

      My best guess is that Roose’s speech to Theon was a feint to throw Ramsay off guard and that he actually plans to kill the Bastard, (who’s now far, FAR more of a liability than an asset) once he has a living trueborn son. That’s certainly the direction the show seems to be heading toward.

      Otherwise I’d have to conclude he’s just batshit crazy.

      • David Hunt says:

        Crap. I should have read all the comments before I responded above. I totally agree with you. That speech never made sense to me until I came to it on my reread and remembered that Roose knows that every word is going back to Ramsay.

        He hid that lie that is the thing that Ramsay wants to hear more than anything else among a whole heap of truthful but useless information about he first Reek and his suspicions that Ramsay killed Domeric. A suspicion that is widely shared in the North as far as I can tell.

  7. Sir Squirt says:

    On the topic of feudalism, why do you think George decided to eliminate most of the titles and ranks of medieval society?

  8. Kickstarter question. This is the first quickstarter I’ve contributed to, how does it show on you credit card? Does it show as pending until it’s met or does it charge it then refund if it fails. I saw it try to put a charge through but then it disappeared.

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