Predictions Bragging, **VERY Spoilery**

Crossposting this from Tumblr and adding a giant spoiler WARNING, just in case:





30 thoughts on “Predictions Bragging, **VERY Spoilery**

  1. Pirate Jenny says:

    Fantastic picture. But on his deviantart page, Ertaç Altınöz (the artist) replies to someone who asks if it’s a spolier like this: “Nope, never. This is a pure imagination by me.” So, excellent prediction, but no bragging rights just yet. Cheers. 🙂

  2. Robert Dean says:

    I don’t recognize everyone in the picture, can someone fill me in?

  3. artihcus022 says:

    You did call Stannis going Agamemnon before the Show included that spoiler last year as well.

    What other tantalizing twists has Maester Steven glimpsed in the flames?

      • Andrew says:

        What about Arya? She’s too important not to make a big impact in TWOW, even beyond offing a few Freys.

        My guess is that she goes back to the Riverlands and becomes the figure around which the BwB, Nymeria’s Pack, survivors from the RW, and the Riverlords all gather (because a she wolf named for Nymeria leading a giant wolf pack through the riverlands HAS to be foreshadowing… and of course it would be quite useful against the wights later on.) She may or may not kill Cersei.

        Also I had a theory that one of Brienne or Arya will stab unCat and get a flaming sword out of the sacrifice. There was some foreshadowing with Stannis drawing fake Lightbringer from the heart of the Mother’s statue, and Beric was seen to light a blade with his blood.

        Also what about Euron? No way does the Dance end so quickly IMHO, and the Kraken’s going to make a big mess of things. My guess is he sacks one/both of Oldtown and Highgarden (pulling a Theon, only unlike Theon he’s smart enough to do a smash and grab) this plus Margaery’s trial and Mace continually snubbing him (plus his Florent wife) convincing Tarly to switch sides and join fAegon against the Tyrells.

        • Crystal says:

          I think Sansa is the more likely Stark sister to go to the Riverlands and become a rallying point. She is just over the Bloody Gate in the Vale, and Petyr Baelish is the lord of Harrenhal, and the current Lord Paramount of the Riverlands. He may have to flee to Harrenhal, or, there might be a royal command for him to go do his duty as Lord Paramount and sort out the Riverlands. In any case, I think Sansa will be the one to go to the Riverlands, and may be the eventual heiress there.

        • winnie says:

          I agree that Euron is going to wreak havoc in the Reach thanks to the delayed response for Paxter Redwyne though he’ll ultimately be defeated and the IB will replace him with Theon using the Latercomer Kingsmoot loophole.

          And I fear the worst for House Tyrell and that House Tarly will soon supplant them as Paramount Lords.

          • Bail o' Lies says:

            Apparently GRRM has some plans for the two older Tyrell brothers that will be important to the plot since he complained about them not being in the TV show.

        • I’ve always felt that Arya had some confrontation/assassination attempt against Dany for her future. One of them is powerful and in the limelight, the other is powerful and in the shadows. Both relatively sympathetic young women – seems like the way to contrast them is to send one against the other.

          It also seems unlike GRRM to keep them both alive at the end. OTOH, being a young sympathetic female character appears to be the best way to stay alive in the GRRM universe so far.

        • Bail o' Lies says:

          Arya is being trained as an assassin right now not a politician/political figure that’s Sansa. Ayra more likely to got somewhere to kill someone. Since half of Essos want Dany dead and they other half want her to free them from slavery most likely the faceless men will send someone after her eventually.

          As for the Riverland since the prologue of the next book will be a raid against the Westerners that have Edmure and his family. If he lives he will probably be the face for unCat for awhile. Then eventually maybe Sansa will be the uniter for the Vale Riverlands and the North. Maybe

  4. I’ve been collaborating with Ertaç on his project and I assure you that Thor was just appreciating the art, not dropping a spoiler bomb. Nothing is confirmed until it is written by GRRM or aired by HBO.

    More to come…. 😉

  5. Crystal says:

    It looks like Frankengregor has gone apes**t and is about to kill *Tommen*? Wow. Cersei’s prophecy coming true before her eyes (only Myrcella left) and the Lannister/Tyrell alliance is kaput, finito, adios, bye-bye.

    Whether or not this IS a spoiler for TWOW it would certainly move the plot forward! Though, poor, sweet, cat-loving Tommen. 😦

    • Space Oddity says:

      Yeah, but honestly, I think we all know he’s a dead boy-king walking…

      • Crystal says:

        I know – poor little Tommen. But what a way to go, at the hands of FrankenGregor.

        If this is how it happens, I can see it going like this: FrankenGregor kills both Loras (in the duel) and Margaery (right afterwards). Tommen – who adores both Marg and Loras, remember – gets upset, and threatens his mother, maybe by using an “I Am The King!” ultimatum. FrankenGregor goes nuts about the threat to Cersei and kills poor Tommen.

        Remember how Cersei thought that this undead killing machine was going to solve all her problems at the end of her walk of shame in ADWD? Nope. Sad for Tommen (and Loras and Marg) but it would be very GRRM-like in its consequences for Cersei.

        I don’t know what will happen to Myrcella – it may be she’s already dying on the way to KL – but she won’t last long, either, and then time for Jaime to show up and fulfill the rest of the prophecy.

  6. Why would it be Gregor who killed him, though? (Or Margery? Loras I can understand, if he still has human memories.) And where did this picture even come from? I see that it’s some guy’s instagram account, but who is he, and what did he make the drawing for? Why is it considered a spoiler? Also where did you predict this, Steve? Gotta link?

    So many questions . . .

  7. jpmarchives says:

    I think we all assumed already that Frankengregor HAS to backfire on Cersei somehow. Martin has done many things with magic in these books, but unambiguously solving peoples problems isn’t one of them.

    I realize it’s not he best attitude to have when predicting something, but GRRM does love to subvert expectations. Since there was barely anyone alive who could kill Gregor (when he was still alive) now that he’s an undead behemoth he seems virtually indestructible, and if that were the case then Cercei’s position is secure. But who really believes that? Magic has a price, and the magic of necromancy has the greatest price of all I’m sure.

    • winnie says:

      Not to mention the fact that Cersei’s schemes ALWAYS backfire anyway.

      So yeah I expect collateral damage from Frankengregor. But since Cersei has to torch KL, flee to the Rock, and get killed by Jaime its still unclear when and how Tommen will die. I have a theory that maybe Tommen isn’t killed outright but left somehow crippled or comatose and that’s the kickoff to Cersei going completely nuts.

      Also if ALL Cersei’s kids die too quickly then there goes any claim to authority she might have as a queen. She’s not royal in her own right…its her children who ostensibly are.

  8. Filmiratas says:

    Hello stevenattewell!
    I just want to let you know that the picture is very, very visible on a wordpress reader list. I don’t really mind the spoiler but I bet there are lot people who are really angry right now…

  9. […] going to have a trial by combat, which gets us closer to the death-by-Frankengregor I’ve been […]

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