RFTIT Tumblr Weekly Roundup!


Hello everyone! It’s been a super-busy week: the Kickstarter launched (which if you haven’t contributed to yet, we’re only $40 away from unlocking a Dunk and Egg essay series), a whole bunch of chapters got posted, I did a guest post on Tower of the Hand, and a guest appearance on the History of Westeros podcast!

However, I didn’t neglect my Tumblr fans either, so we have some interesting things to mull over while I work on Arya IX:


10 thoughts on “RFTIT Tumblr Weekly Roundup!

  1. Winnief says:

    ITA with you Steve that Westeros would be a far better place, (and also in a much, MUCH better position to deal with the White Walkers,) if Brandon Stark had finished the job on LF.

    And yeah, Robb’s biggest mistake I think wasn’t marrying Jeyne-it was putting Roose in such a key position in his army. Without his sabotage the Northern Army would have been in a much, MUCH better position.

    • It’s my hope/suspicion that GRRM will (soon?) reveal that a Westeros that is simply “in a much, MUCH better position” to deal with the Others is insufficient; one or more events that wouldn’t have happened without the avalanche that LF started will turn out to have been Necessary to dream of Spring. That many good people suffered unjustly as a result of that avalanche is the kind of irony that GRRM seems to enjoy. Call it “wrydark.”

  2. dumasegwagwe says:

    Steve, Joe Abercrombie is too grimdark for you, but you’re okay with ASoIaF?

  3. In one of these, you refer to an “any Coberg prince” situation. What’s the reference there? Google is not being helpful.

    • Bit of inside baseball there. The German historian Rudolf Stadelmann, in writing about the 1848 Revolutions, argued that if anyone other than Frederick William IV of Prussia had been king of Prussia, i.e had any of the moderate princes of Saxe-Coburg been in his place, he would have accepted the crown of Germany offered to him by the National Assembly , and Germany would have been a constitutional monarchy in 1848.

      • Thanks, you learn something new every day. I was wracking my brain trying to remember if there was a German prince commanding a botched operation in the Franco-Prussian War or WW1 that might suggest a parallel.

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