RFTIT Tumblr Weekly Roundup


Hey folks, here’s a quick update for you. Catelyn VI is coming along nicely (>3,000 words), but it’s not finished and I decided to push back uploading it until Monday, which will coincide with a major announcement which has been repeatedly delayed due to my foot situation (which will finally be fixed today!). So in the meantime, here’s some tidbits to keep your appetites whetted:


2 thoughts on “RFTIT Tumblr Weekly Roundup

  1. Winnief says:

    Awesome tidbits Steve.

    I agree Shireen’s death was mishandled.

    LOVE our advice on how to deal with the Frey’s.

    Yeah, its not impossible that Dany might remarry but it ain’t gonna be Vic or fAegon And yeah, a Dany/Jon hook-up isn’t inconceivable but somehow you don’t see them ruling jointly. If Dany survives the battle for the last dawn then I’d think she’d want to go re-colonize Valyria or something but she doesn’t seem *right* in Westeros.

  2. Space Oddity says:

    Regarding the immigration from Essos–it’s pretty clear from the text that King’s Landing armorer and weaponsmithing industries have quite a few transplanted Essosi amongst them. (Possibly to the point of dominating them, though of course, it’s hard to be sure.) So, yes, it’s clear that there are plenty of Essosi willing to give it a go in Westeros. For reasons that, when you read about most of the Free Cities, seem pretty clear.

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