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Hello everyone, it’s that time again! Due to focusing in on getting Jon V done, it’s a bit light this week, but I’m working on Tyrion X and I should have an important announcement sometime next week, so keep your eyes peeled out for that.


13 thoughts on “RFTIT Tumblr Weekly Roundup

  1. Ser Squirt says:

    Anyone else imagine Tyrion arriving back at Casterly Rock like the end of Mad Max Fury Road?

    • Winnie says:

      LOL!. I agree Tyrion being the one to destroy CR on the back of Visenya seems most likely to be the ultimate end game, but as I note down below, we can’t discount a White Walker onslaught…

  2. Winnie says:

    Fun round-up as always Steve.

    Like your point about how difficult governing after a coup can be-as House Bolton and House Frey are starting to learn. (And if you think about it, the Lannister’s as well.)

    Maybe Jon *is* going overboard, but I gotta say that considering what he’s up against with the Night’s King, I can’t help but agree with him, that the usual ‘rules’ and traditions aren’t really applicable anymore. Maybe he could have done a better job of presenting his case to the NW, but also given that it was his ‘destiny’ to be ‘reborn’ I’m not sure it would have any difference.

    I think your outline for besieging the Rock sounds workable. And there may be hidden passages as well, just like at Winterfell. Of course a dragon *could* expedite things quite a bit. Even though, Cersei wouldn’t be rational enough to surrender, she could literally start to have the walls collapse around her or be roasted alive. And of course there’s always the question of the White Walkers. I could easily see the retreat to the Rock being prompted by their eventual march down South, though even the Rock might not be able to save the remaining Lannister’s on THAT one. Normal rules of siege warfare probably don’t apply regarding ancient sorcery, Generals immune to regular fire and conventional weapons, huge masses of zombie foot soldiers, that literally can be *thrown* over walls, ice spiders, and the gods only know what ELSE…

    • Grant says:

      Casterly Rock might not be so defenseless against magic. It’s one of the ancient seats of power and so far it’s been confirmed that Storm’s End at least has magical defenses.

      • Space Oddity says:

        Yeah. It’s my personal theory that Aegon REALLY lucked out in getting Harrenhal to serve as the object lesson in what dragonfire can accomplish–it was so young that it didn’t have the magical protections the older great fortresses hold, and I suspect that Harren’s entire crazyevil construction method gathered enough bad karma that the place would have been cursed even if it hadn’t gotten burnt. Storm’s End, Winterfell, Casterly Rock, possibly even Hightower in Oldtown–if Aegon had tried the same trick there, I don’t think it would have gone well for him and the Black Dread.

        • Winnie says:

          I’m not sure about that.

          Oh, I agree that Storm’s End and Winterfell for sure have protection against certain enchantments and White Walkers, but I don’t know if that protection works against dragons.

          But I agree, Harrenhall was likely cursed even before it got torched. Seven hells, the curse was probably WHY it got torched!

          • Space Oddity says:

            Remember–Storm’s End is protected against lightning strikes, and apparently shadow-binding and fire magic. While it’s tough to be sure–and I’m not saying that dragonfire would bounce off like in some bad cartoon–it may very well be resistant to whatever magic it is lets dragons breathe fire.

  3. Ser Biffy Clegane says:

    Nicev work as always. The one thing that makes me wonder about the Hardhome ranging is that Tormund seems to think that plan would work. Maybe he’s just that loyal to wildings as a class, out to Jon, out maybe he plans to beat to Others back with his member, but I suspect Tormund knows something we readers don’t.

  4. Grant says:

    The idea of Tyrion taking Casterly Rock through its plumbing definitely would fit with how Martin likes to write, odd bits introduced early on coming back to have a major impact much later, the irony of Tyrion taking power through something that was (probably) just his father’s cruel joke and it resembles his previous act of murdering Tywin on a chamber pot. He might even earn a mocking nickname from it all.

  5. axrendale says:

    Regarding your issue the Disputed Lands, I would point out that even if it’s not realistic, it is of a piece with how warfare in ASOIAF seems to work.

    If Tywin Lannister can turn a chunk of the Riverlands the size of Texas into a ruined wasteland in just a few months, with just a few thousand reavers, then it makes sense that a region which multiple powers have been brawling over for generations would not be in good condition.

    It seems to me that this is another example of GRRM sacrificing realism for the sake of making a point that ties in with the broader themes in the series about conflict.

  6. Keith B says:

    How to attack Casterly Rock:

    Smoke them out.

    It’s a mountain with tunnels and chambers drilled through it. All habitable parts of the Rock must have ventilation, and if air can circulate, so can smoke. Use rags soaked with oil, or anything else that produces heavy smoke when it burns. With luck you’ll get partial combustion and produce carbon monoxide as well.

    That’s not to say it would be easy. You would still need to collapse the main entrances, and send climbers up the mountain to find any tunnels and air shafts. You’ll also need to capture the harbor entrances and the castle on top. They would need to be either blocked up or used as entries for the smoke.

    Besieging the Rock is a non-starter. Chances are there are enough food stores to last several years. It may be self-sufficient in water if there are cisterns to catch rain on the top, and it should also be possible to grow fresh fruits and vegetables so that the inhabitants don’t get scurvy. Since it’s so big, you’d need a very large army to surround it, and you would have to defend against a relief force that could strike anywhere.

    Tyrion, of course, has intimate knowledge of the place, so he may be able to attack through the tunnels (or drainage system) successfully. Anyone else would be insane to invade the place, since the defenders know where the tunnels go and the attackers don’t.

  7. KrimzonStriker says:

    I’d agree with you about Jon…. if this was any other threat and if he actually had the time to overcome millennium of prejudice through such consensus building notions. As much as we complain about how long winter is taking to get here there’s really no longer any time left to wait, first because the wildlings are starving and dying beyond the wall in droves so you either let them in now or not at all. Second, the walkers ARE coming, building and equipping a force capable of trying to actually stop them isn’t something that will take a short amount of time either. Fabian was derided by Rome when Hannibal came crashing down from the Alps, he had to drag them kicking and screaming to adopt his policies in order to stave off disaster and preserve Rome.

    • winnie says:

      Kinda like Global Warming. We’ve wasted so much time that now we don’t have the option of gradually being weaned off fossil fuels but have to adapt to the current crisis.

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