RFTIT Tumblr Weekly Roundup


Work is still progressing on Davos II, but I decided to give you a little snack to tide you over until it’s done because this is going to be a long one indeed:


6 thoughts on “RFTIT Tumblr Weekly Roundup

  1. winnie says:

    Like your take on how difficult it is to besiege points like the Eyrie or the Rock. Of course dragons and/or White Walkers could change the rules.

    I agree with you that draining the fens would just destroy the Crannogmen and their way of life. Hands off the fens!

    Very interesting discussion about the Faith there. It is odd when you think about it…and yeah the Lannisters would totally have built a Golden Sept and it would have been a complete monstrosity!

    Yet another great entry for the Economic Development series.

    May I ask what some of these upcoming projects of yours are?

  2. I really appreciated your comments about the oddness of the Faith.

    Regarding the lack of compeating regional leadership, it could be due to the lack of ANY sort of regional leadership. We seem to have the High Septon, Most Devout (whom appear to be based in KL), then nothing till we’re down to the local septon level. No Cardinals, or Archbishop, or Bishops, just a huge institutional gap.

    So this could explain why the Faith didn’t develop region leaders to rival Oldtown when a group of septons decided to raise one of their own up to a first among equals status. And maybe the creation of the High Septon was far more gradual than WOIAF suggests. Perhaps this was a purely regional position that simply got lucky as it expanded influence. And by the time it got influential enough to exert some muscle outside of the Reach, localities were either happy to get some support (Better the HS in the Reach then some Drowned priest) or they were so isolated that it didn’t matter if they wouldn’t play ball, the Starry Sept could just wait them out till they came calling for support. A slow, multi generational coup.

    • I think the Most Devout are supposed to be equivalent to Cardinals, with Septons of major Septs being equivalent to Bishops.

      • Maybe, but the regional septons lack special title and we’ve yet to hear of the Most Devout doing anything other than electing a new HS. Plus we have very little knowledge of the nature of the Faith of the Seven before the Andals crossed the Narrow Sea.

        I would suggest that a couple thousand years ago, the Faith would have been most comparable to Hinduism (I would argue that the theological concept of the Seven owes as much to the Hindu concept of the devine as it does to the Trinity). Where there was a range of vague religious concepts that in retrospect seemed to outline the Seven. As it encountered other religions in both Essos and Westeros certain religious leaders started to create a greater theological structure. Perhaps this is when the Seven Pointed Star began to be compiled. By the time of the Andal invasion the Faith had coalesced into a structure comparable to evangelical Protestantism or post Caliphate Shia Islam with respected preachers or imams able to hold wide geographic influence.

        Finally, perhaps in competition with the Citadel or maybe even with the support of the maesters, various leaders of the Faith began to organize themselves into a structure encompassing the Reach. Then momentum and the lack of any organized rivals took over.

      • David Hunt says:

        I’m not tumblr proficient/initiated so I’ll say this here.

        I’d guess that before the Conquest, the power of the High Septon over the Faith in other Kingdoms had something to with the Faith Militant orders. I don’t know how they formed, but I’d say the odds are good that the rise of the High Septon is related to their formation or rise to prominence.

        It also might be that the Faith used to have members that could perform actual magic/miracles. They’re the only major faith that I can think of that has no evidence of magical practices during the timeline of the books, but I’ve usually attributed that to the Citadel’s influence. It might be that there was once a Septon who was a powerful mage/miracle worker who managed to establish himself as High Septon that way.

        I mash together people doing magic and working miracles because I’m not yet convinced that there are any gods on Planetos, at least not the way we’d understand that term. Currently I’d say that furthest I’m willing to to in that direction is that the natural magic of the world makes manifestation of the collective unconscious that people take to be gods.

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