RFTIT Tumblr Weekly Roundup


Apologies for putting two Tumblr roundups in a row, but Tyrion IX is coming in, both large (5k words already!) and really good, and will be up on Monday when it’ll get more eyeballs.

So what do we have on offer?


14 thoughts on “RFTIT Tumblr Weekly Roundup

  1. Winnie says:

    I really love your economic development plans for the North. Hopefully some of those may come to fruition after the Boltons are overthrown.

    I’m positive at least one of Nymeria’s daughters married a Dayne.

    If Hoster was alive and well we not only could have avoided Edmure’s battle mistakes but I suspect Hoster would not have removed those archers guaranteeing the ‘late Walder Frey’s’ good behavior thus thoroughly preventing any chance of the RW.

    In any event with Hoster’s military skills, it seems likely things would have gone a lot better for the Starks in the Riverlands and much worse for the Lannisters-and Tywin might never have made it to Bitterbridge in time to join with the Tyrell’s.

    Also possibly even more importantly Hoster had great political talents. I wonder if once they received word that Lysa was refusing to help her own kin, he might not have tried to approach some of the Lords of the Vale directly to peel them off or even to get Lysa declared mentally incompetent and stripped of the title of Regent. Or he might have urged Robb to break the promise the Frey’s extorted from him for a better political match. Or just convinced Robb *not* to send Theon to the Iron Islands. As you note that probably wouldn’t have prevented the Northern invasion, but the loss of WF, (and the purported deaths of Bran and Rickon) would have been averted as well.

    Yeah, Hoster being on his last legs was definitely another way Martin was tipping the scales…

    I am eagerly anticipating Tyrion IX!

  2. Grant says:

    Have to say that the Wildlings are probably right out. I don’t think even the best Stark could reconcile the northern lords and Night’s Watch to any kind of significant Wildling immigration. The Ironborn might be trouble as well, Asha’s conversations with Alysane might be shadowed by recent events but the Ironborn have been raiding along parts of the North for generations. Of course there’s been fighting between different northern households in that time as well, but the Ironborn aren’t even northerners.

    • I don’t know about that – the hill clans who showed up to the Thenn/Karstark wedding were less hardline than the men of the Night’s Watch. Their main attitude was – if they set foot on my land, they’re dead, but as long as they stay on the Gift I don’t care.

      • winnie says:

        Not to mention that a White Walker invasion could erase all the old divisions pretty quickly as Hard Home so graphically illustrated.

        • Grant says:

          If you mean Hardhome from the show, that’s the show so it’s clearly in a different continuity by now, and these economic hypotheticals can’t be taken with the expectation of Others appearing, otherwise we’d have to throw the plans out the window because there’s only one economic plan worth following: pour whatever you can into raising armies and sending everyone else to safety in the hopes that you can stop this annihilation of life.

      • Grant says:

        That might be more attributable to the situation (or possibly the groups). Jon Snow makes it very clear to Stannis that there is very old, bad, blood between the people below and above the Wall*. If a Stark brought them down below the Wall and not southerners or Ironborn to the Gift, I’d expect serious political repercussions in the future. And if it’s any groups other than the Thenn, I’d expect the lack of a political system the Houses can respect and very loose control over the people would ensure long term problems.

        *ADWD has specific mention of raids across the Bay of Seals and Lord Mors Umber’s daughter being one of the women stolen.

  3. somethinglikealawyer says:

    I enjoy the economic enrichment pieces. I’ve had much of the same ideas when I was thinking about how I’d shepherd Westeros. Building up the value-added chain in order to establish vertical monopolies (or as close to a vertical monopoly as I can), use Northern/Stormlander wood to build up a navy in preparation for the inevitable fight with the Three Daughters when I start really kicking into gear, invest in canal infrastructure to speed up transport times, that sort of thing.

    I remember you had spoken on Reddit about things you would do for industry for the whole of Westeros (one-link maesters operating satellite schools, importation of skilled Essosi, guilds). When you’re finished with each region, you might want to compile all these regional pieces into a single essay for your wordpress (so that way readers can find them once they get bumped down the page a bit), and make the final entry what you would do to improve Westeros as a whole, from the Iron Throne’s standpoint.

  4. derzquist says:

    The North essay is great, possibly my favorite thus far since the North is the region that is most bluntly affected by the supernatural flow of Planetos seasons. So not only are you challenged by avoiding outright presentism, but also challenged by having to come up with practical solutions to a scenario without strong real world parallel. And I would say you succeeded!

    Recently I inquired about whether you would continue this series beyond Westeros, to at least some of the overseas areas where there is enough published canon to make educated conclusions. However, I just had another thought: What about essays on some of the non-state entities of Westeros?
    – How would you bring the Nights Watch back from the brink?
    – How would you reform the high level corruptions in the Faith and avoid the appeal of a rival religion or a Westerosi Reformation?
    – How do you take the Citadel (already a relatively progressive institution in the land) and transform it from the more medieval repository of information and into a more modern source of research and invention?
    – How do you transform the BWB into a publicly legitimate organization that can advocate for the smallfolk?
    And there’s probably a few others that currently escape me.

    • Winnie says:

      Ooh, I like these!

      I think the religious one in particular is tricky. The rise of the Sparrow movement, (besides being a reaction to the widespread suffering brought on by the WoFK,) was in some sense a populist backlash to corruption within the Faith. And in the meantime while people are (and should be!) free to worship the Old Gods as pleased, Rhollr is more difficult. I would never endorse trying to suppress a religious movement, (besides the moral quandary, from a practical standpoint that’s the best way to encourage diehard fanatics to acts of martyrdom.) But considering that Rholl’r worship seems to entail actively oppressing other faiths, human sacrifice, not to mention all that dark fire and blood magic, it has the potential to be a VERY destabilizing force in Westeros. I’d say I’d have to stick to saying you’re free to worship who you like, but criminal behavior whether it be destruction of property, (i.e. smashing septs and burning idols,) much less burning people will still be prosecuted to the utmost under civil jurisdiction.

      Kinda goes to show why we have separation of Church and state don’t it?

      • derzquist says:

        Well *some* sects of R’hllorism have demonstrated violence against other faiths and religious executions. But we’ve also seen that the R’hllorism of Volantis has a growing liberation theology appealing to the massive slave population, the red priests of Braavos and Dorne have lived in relative peace with other faiths for centuries, and the nightfires in the Riverlands are being spread by the impressively populist Brotherhood.

        I think that in the long term, the biggest threat for the Faith is the possibility of the Seven becoming a religion primarily of the noble class (despite the efforts of the sparrows) while R’hllorism begins to grow amongst the smallfolk.

        • Grant says:

          It’s not really clear if Melisandre is part of a distinct sect or even a faction inside the main religion, or if with the circumstances being different in Westeros she’s chosen much more forceful tactics. I really wish that some of the time in ACOK or ASOS could have been spent fleshing out R’hllorism some more. Yeah, leaving it vague keeps the mystique and makes every scene with one of their people that much more important, but it leaves a lot of important questions unanswered for later books that are probably going to be already stuffed with lots of different characters and plot points.

          Martin in my opinion is an example of a great writer who’s gone a ways to reminding American audiences that speculative fiction can be just as worthy as any other genre, but at the same time I think an English teacher could use him as an example of some things to avoid in writing.

  5. Ser Squirt says:

    How do northerners not develop scurvy?

    A tea made from pine needles contains vitamin C.

    Also, the North could make a killing in furs during winter, assuming that southerners need a new set of winter clothes every time winter sneaks up.

    Ultimately, the best economic policy would be to use dark magicks (or light) to return the seasons to regularity.

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