RFIT Weekly Tumblr Roundup


It’s that time again! Time for the best of Race for the Iron Throne’s Tumblr:




8 thoughts on “RFIT Weekly Tumblr Roundup

  1. Sam says:

    Sorry for writing this here, but I couldn’t find a better place. You mentioned stockpiling and mentioned Sweden as a country that has done this. I am from Sweden, but I never heard of any noteworthy connections between stockpiling and Sweden. Do you have any links to where I can read more about this?

    As an aside I wonder if you are going to finish your economic development series with the Crownlands, and what measures the royal administration should do? The latest piece sees the Lannisters reaching huge power, more than is healthy for a vassal, however mighty.

    • Well, my source on this is Ginsburg’s Full Employment and Public Policy in the United States and Sweden.

      Back in the day, the Swedish government used to stockpile as a way of supporting domestic industries (thus promoting full employment) and cushioning against price changes in raw materials.

      Might do one for the Crownlands.

  2. Iñigo says:

    The problem I see with the plan for the westerlands is the faceless men. After all, Braavos is interested in having the most powerful bank, more powerful than the others combined, and a serious bank at Casterly rock ends that. Also, as soon as the industrial espionage gets detected, Braavos will have a reason to fully oppose your proyect.

    As I see it, this plan relies on Braavos not interfering.

    • Grant says:

      There’s also risk of all of this arousing jealousies outside the Westerlands. Manageable probably, but it’d be prudent to be cautious.

  3. Will Rogers says:

    I don’t think we’ve ever gotten an explanation for how the hell Lannisport is as wealthy as it is beyond “lol lannister gold”.

    Curious to see what you can do with the North (besides “horde lumber” and be the only place that actually knows how to thrive in winter). I’m imagining an Ice Bank that is literally bullions frozen into a giant block of ice.

  4. KrimzonStriker says:

    Is there anyway to, based on the now established measurements of Casterly Rock, to actually guess how much gold would potentially be in a mountain that size?

    Also a Royal Society would have to have you deal with competition with the Citadel politically (btw, anyone know where the Citadel gets its funding?)

  5. KrimzonStriker says:

    Oh, separate note regarding the Dothrathki sea strategy, couldn’t you also develop a cultivation technique where reserve soldiers/settlers would farm the land as you march to help alleviate your supply problem? I read up a lot about how that studying the Three Kingdoms era, which propelled that notion in order for the various combatants to project their campaigns much further then in previous eras.

  6. Grant says:

    The economic development plans really go by being the head of a Great House and knowing what to do. I’m not criticizing that exactly so much as I wonder, where could economic development be spurred outside the Great Houses?

    And there’s a stumbling block to the plans. The societal changes unleashed by the economic ones. If they go at all as planned (or even they don’t go as planned) on the scale expected by some of them then there’s probably going to be a lot of people moving around, a lot of wealth created and lost and probably the older power structures are going to be weakened and forced to choose between competing with or co-opting new powers.

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