If You Like ASOIAF, You Might Also Like…Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell

If you’re currently going through withdrawals due to no Game of Thrones on TV, you might want to try Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, a seven-part BBC adaptation of the Susanna Clarke novel about the return of magic to early 19th century England. Over on Lawyers, Guns, and Money, I’ve done a bunch of work on this:

(BTW, if you’re not into non-ASOIAF stuff on the blog, let me know in the comments. Haven’t decided on whether to create a second blog for my non-ASOIAF history/politics of pop culture stuff)


12 thoughts on “If You Like ASOIAF, You Might Also Like…Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell

  1. devakikhanna says:

    I remember reading Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell years ago. If the TV series is as good as the books… it would really be worth a viewing.

  2. winnie says:

    Loved the book and enjoyed your essay.

    Working through Wolf Hall now but that will be next.

  3. Milk Steak (@_MilkSteak) says:

    I’ve enjoyed your work on this as with the rest of your work.

    Personally I would be fine if you mixed in non-asoiaf link & posts here. It saves me from having to search for them. This is especially useful for podcasts as I almost always download the mp3 from my phone and you’ve not on sticher.

    • Milk Steak (@_MilkSteak) says:

      * you’re

    • winnie says:

      ITA. I loved your essay on Captain America coming out of the New Deal for one and the Daredevil podcasts were a lot of fun.

      In fact sometime I’d like your take on Wolf Hall as well. I like the show and the books but feel that Mantle fell in love with Cromwell (while taking a dislike ti More) so she whitewashed the former and smeared the latter. The Tudors was a far less accurate series in most respects but I think they were a lot more accurate about Cromwell’s brutality (while still making you feel sorry for him towards the end) and while they didn’t flinch from More’s fanaticism (the man burned heretics and flogged himself) they also captured his moral courage and humanism. Plus Sam Neill’s Wolsey was killer.

      Sorry for going so OT.

  4. I think it is fine to combine posts on something like Jonathan Strange with your ASOIAF posts. There are some points of crossover and many fans of one will appreciate the other.

  5. Punning Pundit says:

    I hate the idea of having to chase your interesting writing across the internet. Keep it all in one place, is my vote. 🙂

  6. derzquist says:

    Lump it all in here!

    As far as suggestions for other shows:

    – HBO’s Rome is definitely seen as the show that made it ‘okay’ to then green light something like the Game of Thrones. While this show is based upon actual historical events, viewers can see many of the same plotting/pacing elements that would become associated with GoT.

    -Ripper Street. BBC show, seasons 1 & 2 currently on Netflix. Basically it’s the guys cleaning up Whitehall after Jack the Ripper has vanished. Show does a great job of weaving seemingly independent episodes into larger season-long arcs. Also, I’ve often joked that it is where all the GoT actors hang out in their off hours. Between the first two seasons we’ve seen the following familiar actors (I’m just gonna list their GoT characters, yeah have the internet at hand but meh.):
    -Bron (main character on the show)
    And I think there is a couple more.

  7. artihcus022 says:

    I wouldn’t mind if you talk about Norrell and Strange here. I liked that essay on the Napoleonic Wars, though I don’t know if the series is to my liking since I always kind of rooted for Napoleon against England and I never liked Duke of Wellington much.

  8. John W says:

    I thought the book was a bit too long but thankfully the show has trimmed it down a bit.

  9. Sean C. says:

    I read this way back when it was first published, and quite enjoyed it. A re-read is probably in order at some point.

    As far as posting goes, I’d just run it at with one blog.

  10. coa says:

    Haven’t decided on whether to create a second blog for my non-ASOIAF history/politics of pop culture stuff

    oh please do!

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