“Video” Podcast of HBO’s Game of Thrones, Season 5 Episode 10, “Mother’s Mercy”


And we’re back, for the last LG&M Game of Thrones podcast this season! However, this doesn’t end the LG&M podcast – we’re going to start covering Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell among other things over the summer, so if you’re into innovative genre works, you might want to tune for that too.


20 thoughts on ““Video” Podcast of HBO’s Game of Thrones, Season 5 Episode 10, “Mother’s Mercy”

  1. haplo6 says:

    Sad the podcasts are complete. Nice to see your dissatisfaction with several of the show’s plot lines remains more than mild though. And Steven, you bring up an important point; show Melisandre shows awe when she learns Thoros has the ability to bring people back from the dead.

    Dany’s Ring. I initially thought she was dumping some sort of incriminating object. However, I was shocked when D&D said it was a “breadcrumb.” Clearly, instead of Dany meeting the Khalisar as a bad-ass dragon rider, the show is going to have her taken captive and dependent on the new buddy-cop duo of Jorah and Daario to rescue her (groan).

  2. Sean C. says:

    Steve, you keep saying Nymeria, but that’s Tyene. Nym is the Asian one whose only dialogue was when she and Tyene were slap-fighting in episode 7.

    Regarding the debate on Sansa’s storyline, I don’t see how this story can possibly be defended as character development. It wouldn’t make sense or good drama for her to instantly succeed at everything, but the thing is, not only does Sansa not accomplish anything, she doesn’t even try anything, so there’s no basis for learning or improvement. Whenever she gets around to politicking, alliance-building, manipulation, or whatever, there’s nothing this season relating to any of those things. The only thing she tries to do at Winterfell is escape, and both times that fails for reasons that have nothing to do with her (and in the second case, she doesn’t even know why it failed), so there’s really nothing to “learn” there as far as her own conduct goes.

    Dorne: LOL. That’s all that needs to be said.

  3. artihcus022 says:

    I agree that if Jon/Kit is off-screen next year its bad storytelling but that won’t really stop them. In the books, Jon Snow is fated to spend some time in a wolf’s body and that would mean extra money for CGI and maybe a Jon Snow voiceover which is too quirky a choice for GOT to do at this late stage.

    I definitely think he’ll be there in Season 6 because Bran is in Season 6 and having him and Melisandre team up to restore Jon to his body is a character arc that they’ll tackle. So I imagine Bran and Jon Snow will hang out in the Astral Plane and have some fun adventures. That way they can keep Kit without putting him in a wolf’s body and since it will be greenscreen and studio work they can hide his involvement until the S6 opening surprise.

  4. Keith B says:

    Great podcast. There were some sharp disagreements, which make it easier to keep track of who said what. You two need to fight more.

    Stannis: I think you’re being faked out here. The story looks like Iphigenia in Aulis, but it’s really The Monkey’s Paw. R’hllor gives Stannis what he wants, but in a way that does him no good. It was the same when the shadow magic killed Renly. He got enough of Renly’s army to attack King’s Landing, but he lost anyway. Never trust a god who demands human sacrifices.

    Sansa: it’s really about Theon gaining agency. Sansa has always had agency; what she lacked (at first) was wisdom, and (almost always) power. Theon lost his due to Ramsay’s abuse. When he sees Sansa he remembers how his own family mocked and belittled him and how Ramsay tortured and mutilated him. The only people who treated him decently were the Starks, and those were the ones he betrayed. The trigger for Theon was Myranda’s description of what Ramsay eventually planned to do to Sansa; essentially what he did to Theon. Granted this happened too suddenly to be convincing, but that’s the limitation of TV.

    Dorne: the show sends Jaime to Dorne because if he were in KL, the Cersei plot can’t happen. It’s either that or the Riverlands, and Dorne had to come into the story anyway. Ellaria sends the necklace because she’s trying to start a war, and she figures that provoking a response from Cersei is a good way to begin. She doesn’t hurt Myrcella then because she’s afraid of Doran. What she doesn’t count on is that Doran refuses to escalate the situation even when Jaime shows up. When Doran decides to send Myrcella and Trystane to KL, Ellaria knows she’s losing her opportunity, so she poisons Myrcella.

    The North: no idea what’s going to happen now that Jon and Stannis are both dead. Sansa, Theon, Brienne and Pod can’t fight the Boltons by themselves. Davos has no resources (unless he can enlist the wildlings?). Does Littlefinger ride in with the army of the Vale?

    • winnie says:

      On the question of the Northern storyline I find it significant that they’re doing casting calls for Northern lords which gives me hope that Manderly or others might make it to the show after all.

      • Doug McMillan says:

        The thing is that if they’re going to have Sansa in the North politicking with lords and trying to build an anti-Bolton coalition it begs the question of why have her plot line this season at all. She had enough reason to fight the Boltons without the marital rape, and it would have made a lot more sense for Littlefinger to bring her to White Harbor to talk to Maderly than deliver her to the Boltons, then run south to Cersei to tell about her being in Winterfell.

  5. Chad says:

    Think season 5 was the worst season so far. Went for shock more than character consistency or story development.

    Also getting tired of some of these open threads that they leave. So what happened with the Tyrell’s? The meeting of Olenna and Littlefinger really should have lead to some kind of payoff this season. Could have had Olyvar either apprehended or killed by Reachmen during the walk of shame or something.

    • Sean C. says:

      The payoff was Lancel’s confession.

      No, it doesn’t really make sense that it was Lancel that Littlefinger gave to Olenna, but that’s clearly what the episode implied (bolstered by the fact that the rest of the season makes no further mention of anything else).

  6. David Hunt says:

    It’s a bit off topic but I thought that you’d like to know that Slate’s House Slate video series mentioned your “Winterfell is where Winter fell” theory in their last season five video. Thought you’d like to know.

  7. MightyIsobel says:

    …Are you cross-promoting the JS&MN podcast anywhere your ASOIAF readers can follow or subscribe to it?

  8. Shadow says:

    Glad you and SEK are going to cover Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. I am really enjoying that show.

  9. […] the bigger scandal is to take this potentially epic tragedy and waste it completely, as was done in Season 5, Episode 10. If it’s any consolation, I’m convinced that GRRM’s plan is quite different from what we saw […]

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