Guest Appearance on Unspoiled!


For those of you who weren’t able to make the Spreecast, it’s now up on Unspoiled for you to listen to. So if the LG&M podcast didn’t slake your thirst for ranting about the finale, enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Guest Appearance on Unspoiled!

  1. David Hunt says:

    Jeez, I can tell the semester is over. Now that the GOT season is over I look forward to you writing a zillion chapter analyses out a the need to do something. Otherwise, you’ll end up sitting in your house thinking of times gone by (yes I just listen to a ridiculous amount of Unspoiled ASOIAF podcasts to go along with my re-read of the books).

  2. I really enjoyed the Unspoiled podcast rants about this season, which, along with all the other rants about it on Tumblr and forums, is the only thing I enjoyed about season 5. It feels almost theurapetic, and I get to bond with other fans in our mutual dislike, anger and disappointment.

  3. […] that happens along the way really matters. Stannis can die a defeated and broken man, ignoring the basic story structure of tragedy, and the defeat of the Boltons can be handed off to some weird combination of Northmen and possibly […]

  4. […] All of this together adds up to a strong case that Robb’s strategy as discussed in Catelyn II of ASOS was genuine, rather than a post-hoc self-justification. It disrupts the Lannisters’ strategy too neatly, there’s too many textual hints (as above, with “bring a Lannister running“), it fits too well with his prior campaign, and it works too well as tragedy. If Robb Stark was a military prodigy brought down by his upbringing, well-meaning subordinates, and rank treason, that’s a tragedy. If Robb Stark was just a glory-seeking teenager who eloped to Vegas, that’s an asshole getting hit by a bus. […]

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