Guest Appearance on Radio Westeros!


Radio Westeros has released their podcast episode on the Battle of Fire, and this one is something special. It’s designed as a radio play, with Yolkboy, Lady Gwen, BryndenBFish, Aziz, Valkryist and yours truly reporting live from Meereen as the definitely not-dead Ser Barristan Selmy and the Unsullied go toe-to-toe with the slavers of Essos, covering military strategy, political machinations, history, etc.

I highly encourage all of you to check this one out.


3 thoughts on “Guest Appearance on Radio Westeros!

  1. David Hunt says:

    That was a really nice recap of what’s been happening in Meereen in a rather innovative fashion. I liked your part and your contrast of the inhuman cruelty of the training of the Unsullied versus the extreme discipline that it instilled in them. However, my absolute favorite part was the rapidly spoken disclaimers that were at the end of the “commercials” they did.

  2. That was actually a lot of fun to listen to. Well done everyone involved.

  3. […] The fandom seems split on whether the first is her silver, which Dany rode to the consummation of her marriage to Drogo, or Drogo himself, when Dany introduces the great khal to the cowgirl position. I must say I lean somewhat to the former. If we look at the rest of these prophecies (the previous section on fires for example), GRRM tends to the literal and uses symbolism in a pretty straightforward fashion. Moreover, Dany’s silver is symbolic beyond just her initial ride – it symbolizes her marriage to Drogo and her connection to the Dothraki culture in general, something she’s brought with her all the way from Pentos to Meereen, where it becomes such a symbol of her reign that Ser Barristan rides it in the Battle of Fire. […]

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