Talking “Mother’s Mercy” on Unspoiled Spreecast!


Hey folks, the regular podcast is a bit delayed due to technical glitches, and will be recording tomorrow instead, but tonight at 8:30 PM EDT, I’ll be talking GoT live with Natasha, Miles, and Anton over at Unspoiled! Fair warning: it is a subscribers/paid podcast, but if you are subscribed to Unspoiled (which if you can afford to be, you really should be b/c it’s great content) or you want to chip in two bucks, you get to watch us live.


11 thoughts on “Talking “Mother’s Mercy” on Unspoiled Spreecast!

  1. Sean C. says:

    How exactly do you buy access to that? The page provides no information.

  2. Barristan lives! says:

    It’s too late for me to follow (living in Europe) but can I watch the episode afterwards?

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