Hymn for Spring is Live!

And you can now buy it and read my essays, which I have been waiting for people to read a long time now, plus some excellent work by Jeff Hartline, Stefan Sasse, Aziz and Ashaya, Amin Javadi, and so many more!

Hymn Cover


20 thoughts on “Hymn for Spring is Live!

  1. winnie says:

    Congrats Steve….does this mean you’ll be returning to ACOK chapters again?

  2. Bought it and Read it. Wonderful Essay, “Machiavellianism with a purpose”.

      • The littlefinger essay is the best I’ve ever read about the Master of Deceit. Its something I’ve always felt about it but you put it brilliantly. It also fits so well with what we see in the coming books, where Cersei and then Kevan and others are trying to fix the Crown’s finances. It also gives one of the best motivations for why Littlefinger triggered the War of the Five Kings at the moment that he did. It adds up to a criminal profile.

        One thing that I found curious in ACOK is that a Braavosi merchant asks to meet Tyrion and Tyrion sends him to meet Littelfinger. I wondered what that meant.

  3. BTW, folks if you could leave a positive review on the book, that also helps a lot in keeping it up in the rankings, which means it’s more likely people get a chance to see it and read it.

    • haplo6 says:

      Almost finished with a Hymn for Spring. Your Littlefinger essay makes a power claim, in that he has exposed the Crown to potential catastrophe through subtle debt creation. I think we all knew LF was skimming, but you’ve made the argument it’s actually on a much greater scale.

      I also enjoyed the essay on the music of Martin’s world, that was really well done. I’ll make sure to add a review on Amazon. When I was checking out all the supplemental material for ASOIAF, I picked “Race for the Iron Throne” because every review had given it 5 stars. That’s how I ended up here.

  4. Jennifer Arenskjold says:

    I would love to read your essays because I think your analyses are brilliant, however I think they are only for Kindle. If they were available in paperback I would certainly buy them.

    Thanks for your excellent work.

    Jennifer Arenskjold

    Sent from my iPad


  5. somethinglikealawyer says:

    Your Machiavellianism essay is (rightly, don’t get me wrong) going to get a lot of love, but I’ll be honest, I was more engaged in the Littlefinger essays. That really scratched my conspiracy and economic itches, and it was one of the central pieces I’ve used to say that Robert wasn’t as bad a ruler as many say.

    • Thanks! If I’m being honest, I enjoyed writing the LF essay more. The Machiavelli essay was a logical extension of the chapter-by-chapter analysis, but I felt that I had found something more novel with the LF essay.

      • somethinglikealawyer says:

        I was going to say that I might have been hanging out on this site too long, so I could see the Machiavelli essay as a sort of natural conclusion for a lot of your work.

      • Tom says:

        Yeah, the Machiavelli essay was essentially taking the fragments of argument you’d laid out over many essays here and compiling them into a single thesis, which was still cool. But the Littlefinger essay was something else.

        I have a terrible head for numbers (like…’dropping out of maths two years before the end of high school, after failing ever test for three years’ terrible), but you laid it out so clearly that even I managed to understand it all, eventually. I loved how you grounded it all so thoroughly, and exhaustively, in real world mechanics – which only pushes me further onto my knees in awe of GRRMs intricate world building.

        As a gardener-type writer myself, I know full well that those sorts of details would have bubbled up almost accidently, but the fact that he made them so consistent and true to life, as largely a background detail too, is fucking mind blowing. (I strongly suspect the way it’s rising to the surface of the plot was not something he planned long term, but gradually formed into what it is). Dude has a mind like no other.

        Sorry, this was meant to be praising you not GRRM. Seriously, great job man.

        • Compiling is about right.

          Glad you liked the LF essay, it was a lot of fun writing it, but also tricky, because I’m godawful with math. Took the minimum in high school, slaved away at SAT math while hating it, did no math or hard science in college (psychology and anthro for my science requirement).

      • In terms of what you say about Littlefinger is in charge of the currency and appointed the entire treasury. There’s that key line of his in A Feast For Crows: “You could turn King’s Landing upside down and not find a single man with a mockingbird sewn over his heart but that does not mean I am friendless.” Man is more devious than Satan himself.

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