Guest Appearance on History of Westeros Podcast!

I’m very happy to finally announce that I’ll be doing some guest appearances on the excellent History of Westeros podcast, covering the First Blackfyre Rebellion. The first episode covered the reign of Aegon IV and how his actions as king set up many of the causes of the war. In this episode, Aziz and I cover the reign of Daeron I and the ways in which his policies regarding Dorne, the reform of the government, and his newly legitimized half-brothers also contributed to the outbreak of war:

If you want the full experience, you should probably be reading the Blacks and Reds series as you watch these.


11 thoughts on “Guest Appearance on History of Westeros Podcast!

  1. Brett says:

    If they ever wanted to do another Game of Thrones series, the Blackfyre Rebellion seems like it would offer rich material for HBO.

  2. Son of Fire says:

    With all these podcasts were spoiled for choice!
    Keep up the good work.
    Take a timeout & get back to telltale GOT 🙂

  3. KrimzonStriker says:

    It’s such a tough thing to ask of people in the moment about what they could have done compared to what they wished they’d done afterwards. Killing Daemon in cold blood preemptively is asking a lot from someone of Daeron’s nature although having Daemon in the Crownlands and the Red Keep suggests he made sure Daemon was always within reach if the worst came about. At the same time Daeron couldn’t be asked to compromise the realm and a big part of his peace policy with Dorne just for Daemon’s personal desires. How much can you invest in placating someone who can’t contribute to your goals, which is lasting peace, just for them to not be a danger? Aren’t some conflicts just inevitable in the end?

  4. Iñigo says:

    The argument of Daeron admiring and copying Viserys is perfect. Together with him not showing it because of the bad image Viserys had, and the trouble it would have given to his own rule.

  5. Really enjoyed this podcast. The way you and Aziz approach the material really complement each other. You both also come to the table very prepared and this 2 hour podcast zipped by for the most part.

  6. Greg Fasolino says:

    Great stuff, Steven, as always. Listening to this, a question occurred to me I never thought of before and have never seen addressed. In ASOIAF, it’s usually shown that when bastards are legitimized, they shed their bastard surnames and take their legitimized house names, i.e., Ramsay Snow became Ramsay Bolton, Addam and Alyn of Hull became Velaryon. Why do you think that it appears that none of Aegon III’s Great Bastards did so after being legitimized? If Daemon sought the throne as the “legit” heir, why didn’t he use Daemon Targaryen instead of Blackfyre, which he had the right to. Similarly, why didn’t Bittersteel and Bloodraven become Aegor and Brynden Targaryen after being legitimized?

  7. […] with the History of Westeros Podcast: in previous episodes, we’ve covered Aegon IV, Daeron II, Daemon Blackfyre, the First Blackfyre Rebellion, and Bittersteel. In this episode, we take a look […]

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