Guest Appearance on Unspoiled, Episode 379!

And we’re back!


This time, Natasha, Miles, and I are discussing the North, and how the Starks conquered it. Unfortunately, this is my last episode on Unspoiled for a while, as Unspoiled is about to shift over to covering the show and I’m already booked for more podcasts with Scott. However, I will be back after Season 5 is over to continue going through WOIAF.


4 thoughts on “Guest Appearance on Unspoiled, Episode 379!

  1. Son of fire says:

    Awesome details on winterfell
    great job!!

  2. Allenips says:

    Really enjoy you guys shooting the breeze about the world book and you having the time to get into Steve.

    One thing I wanted to chip in about the Stark children having the advent of their warging abilities, I think Jon Snow might technically have been the first with the off screen sensing of the pups in general and then him having some intuition to go back and find Ghost when everyone missed him and he made no audible noise that the group heard. It has me wondering if besides Jon being a warg, if Ghost has a touch of Greenseeing in him given the red eyes, his seeming to be attuned to the other wolves, and would contribute to the weariness of other animals around him, you know besides him being a wolf the size of a small horse.

  3. Pretty glad I can ignore this pocast for awhile. I always enjoy your analysis, but Miles makes this podcast nearly unlistenable for me. He brings nearly nothing in the way of insight, just badly timed and unfunny quips.

    I wish you were doing your WoIAF analysis in some other venue, including pretty much any other podcast.

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