“Video” Podcast of HBO’s Game of Thrones, Season 2, Episode 6, “The Old Gods and the New”

And we’re back! Sorry for the delay, folks.



11 thoughts on ““Video” Podcast of HBO’s Game of Thrones, Season 2, Episode 6, “The Old Gods and the New”

  1. Sean C. says:

    Missing GOT army #1: Ser Rodrik’s army vanishes without a trace in this episode, and is never mentioned again.

    Farewell, Aimee Richardson. She’s not really an actress, so I can kind of understand recasting, but all the same, she was a fun social media presence (and very gracious concerning her replacement).

    On the question of whether Littlefinger recognized Arya, Bryan Cogman tweeted:

    We never specified in the script & I have no idea what Aidan thinks… but I think LF does recognize Arya. #Gotrewatch #TheOldGodsAndTheNew

    You’re incorrect, Steve, I believe. The Hound never used the “little bird” nickname on the show prior to this episode. He obviously used it before this period in the books, where it has its genesis in an insult, but the show excised all that.

    The Jon/Ygritte scenes in the next couple of episodes are very charming and funny in isolation. I agree that they cause problems for the overarching story in terms of interfering with the dynamic with Qhorin, though based on how the series developed, removing them would also cause problems, because the Jon/Ygritte relationship is then more or less completely sidelined in the first four episodes of season 3, until they then have sex in episode 305 without much buildup. These early scenes ended up being the main foundation for their being attracted to each other. Granted, this problem could easily have been fixed by devoting more time to them later, which would in turn have been possible if season 3 didn’t have so many unnecessary King’s Landing scenes.

    • Hmmm…I thought the Hound had used it in Season 1, Episode 10, but fair enough.

      • Son of fire says:

        He calls her “girl” at the wall with ned’s head on a pike!

        • Sean C. says:

          The next episode they’re doing a podcast for, episode 2.07, features their one actual conversation prior to “Blackwater” (which in and of itself tells you a lot about why the HBO version of this story doesn’t work at all).

          • winnie says:

            To be fair to HBO I think they were a little afraid of the squick factor in the SanSan dynamic what with Sophie being underage and all…heck Martin in retrospect regretted how many shipped that too so they toned it down for the show.

  2. Son of fire says:

    Great stuff.
    I love the amory lorch death scene & its build up.I also love Rose leslie,especially in S03E05 cave scene 🙂

  3. Winnie says:

    Great podcast as always Steve. Like you I really loved the way they handled Theon at Winterfell-a curious balance of hateful and pitiful at once. And his scene with Bran felt more like siblings talking which of course was completely deliberate and only underscores the depth of the emotional betrayal.

  4. jreinatl says:

    Episode 6 seems to be where Season 2 takes a wrong turn, and, although I can’t read minds and have no insider info about the production, I’m going to suggest two factors that look like they played a role:

    1. Casting. They had Rose Leslie and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, were paying for them, and had to use them to do something in more episodes than the story necessarily demanded. So you end up with things like Cat freeing Jamie too early so that they can fit in an extra Jamie episode, and Jon and Ygritte wandering around in the snow. Which brings up…

    2. Locations. Having dragged the production all the way to a glacier in Iceland, they had to put it on screen as much as they possibly could. While they could have used that screen time to do Night’s Watch stuff similar to the book, then you have the above problem with what to do with Rose Leslie.

    • Sean C. says:

      I don’t think the casting affects anything. Neither of those actors would be in a position to require more time, and in NCW’s case, he’s barely in this season as it is anyway (I recall that, prior to the season airing, a lot of us were expecting the show to do a fuller dramatization of Tyrion’s escape attempt from the books, which would have given him more screentime).

      • jreinatl says:

        Well, I suppose I disagree, based on the evidence. Jaime is in 4 episodes, despite only having 1 scene in the novel. Ygritte also has 4 episodes but only 2 scenes in the novel. I’m suggesting that part of the reason is that the actors are, essentially, a resource that the production is spending money on (and foregoing spending on something else), so it has to do something with them.

        Moreover, I do think that the actors are in a position to require a certain number of episodes, especially given that GoT wasn’t the juggernaut that it became. They are binding themselves contractually to GoT for future seasons and foregoing opportunities, and if I were their agent, I would make sure that doing so was worth the commitment.

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