Podcast Appearance on Unspoiled!

I’m going to be doing a bunch of appearances on Unspoiled! Podcast, as Natasha and Miles go through A World of Ice and Fire – the first of which (Episode 376) just landed today, and which will continue for several weeks.


If you’re interested in hearing Natasha and Miles cover WOIAF, you should probably go back to Episode 372, when they start to go through the book (I come in a bit later, when they’re discussing the Targaryen kings section).



11 thoughts on “Podcast Appearance on Unspoiled!

  1. David Hunt says:

    Either the sound file that the site is playing or the player on the site itself is AWFUL. There are multiple places where the sound just stops for MINUTES at a time. When it comes back it obvious that the conversation has been continuing but I just unable to hear it.

  2. somethinglikealawyer says:

    I’m massively jealous. I never got to go into AWOIAF with others as much as I would have preferred, and the whole Cregan Stark thing is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.

  3. Son of fire says:

    Very enjoyable & also very funny
    hats off!!

  4. David Hunt says:

    My belated compliments on the contents of the podcast after my embarrassing blaming of my own technical difficulties on their site. I enjoyed listening.

    I will only add that I think that the denial of the conspiracy theory that High Sparrow is Howland Reed in disguise deserved at least six more “no’s.” We know very little about Reed, but the tale of the Knight of the Laughing Tree hints that he studied the magic of the Old Gods under the Green Men of the Isle of Faces. I’m not going to swear that Reed doesn’t know enough about the Church of the Seven to masquerade as a wandering priest stirring up trouble in King’s Landing, but I don’t think someone who could study under the Green Men would do that. Also the High Sparrow is a clear misogynist with very clear and orthodox views on the roles of women. Reed seems to have trained his own daughter in arms and tasked her with his son’s protection. Plus, he seems to be a little busy making life hell for the Ironborn invasion around the Neck. Leaving his own lands in the midst of an ironborn invasion right next door to preach that the bodies of septons are getting properly looked after is…unlikely. Finally, I keep talking about the Sparrow’s role as a street preacher because his assent doesn’t strike me as something that could have been planned out when Reed would have theoretically left his seat to go play preacher. Anyone advancing the idea that Howland Reed has set himself up as High Septon of the Seven will have to do a proper job of explaining that before I’ll consider entertaining that notion. I’m a notoriously picky eater, so I’m not going to make some boast about “eating my hat” if the Sparrow turns out to be Reed, but suffice to say that would shock me.

      • David Hunt says:

        Eh, it’s amazingly easy to poke holes into that Reed/Sparrow idea. I’ve been through the books twice and I I easily came up with those points.

        I understand the feelings of people that are tired of waiting for Reed to make an appearance in the books outside of a fever dream, as I share that desire. But, the High Sparrow?! I’ve gone over the reasons I think Reed is a bad fit. Also, on my second reading, I figured that the septon that Brienne meets shortly after leaving King’s Landing is the guy that eventually becomes the High Septon. The descriptions are similar enough and I thought that was a nice touch. I don’t see why it has to be anything more than that.

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