“Video” Podcast of HBO’s Game of Thrones, Season 2, Episode 4, “Garden of Bones”

Two podcasts in one day, how about that?



31 thoughts on ““Video” Podcast of HBO’s Game of Thrones, Season 2, Episode 4, “Garden of Bones”

  1. Son of Fire says:

    Hell yeah two podcasts & on my birthday as well!
    Shall listen right now 🙂

      • Son of Fire says:

        Thanks 🙂
        The show runners should of just went with a westerling as robb’s love interest,as you say the romeo & juliet angle would of been great in fact i think they are doing that with myrcella & tystane in S5…sort of.
        Did’nt really notice how erratic the jumps back & forth between characters & locations as i was a show only dude at the time but yeah they could of just let everyone’s scene’s play out longer instead of going all over the place eg.stay in harrenhal for ten minutes then move to kingslanding ect.
        I loved the look on davos’s face when the shadow was born,great acting.
        My friend worked as a motorbike deliveryman during S2~3 & ser davos opened his front door one day & my mate was like “where do i know you from?”
        “From westeros” he replied
        He was probably delivering a script.
        Any who great stuff,now onto ep5.

  2. winnie says:

    2 podcasts AND a new episode of the Blacklist tonight?!?

    My cup runneth over.

  3. I have to admit part of my problem with Talisa was casting. Not to criticise Oona Chaplin, who I have enjoyed a great deal in other parts, but she has a very carefully-enunciated, precise way of speaking, that just didn’t ring true for a character in GoT. She sounds more educated than the Maesters. (This quality in her voice worked brilliantly in The Hour though, I should say).

    On the other hand, the Talisa/Robb romance did bring home to me that the Starks are the ONLY men on the show we ever see engaging in foreplay in their sex scenes…which is why they’re the heroes (okay, until Oberyn shows up, but my point stands). I’ve never been able to figure if the show runners did that intentionally or not.

    • Son of fire says:

      podrick payne likes to please the ladies..well show pod does!

    • Winnie says:

      LOL! Good point about that…I mean one thing that made the ladies LOVE Jon was his instinctively kissing Ygritte ‘down below.’

      And from a shallow viewpoint, I did appreciate nude Richard Madden and will be watching Cinderella this weekend in great part because of him.

      • More seriously, the aesthetic of the show is so pornified (for lack of a better term) it becomes genuinely difficult to tell if it was a purposeful choice or not. Which almost makes me wish they’d hit that point harder, because more emphasis on female pleasure would have been a very useful counter-balance to those tendencies. Not to mention that it’d add a useful dash of maturity to the rather adolescent-male way the show has tended to present sex. (The Melisandre-Stannis sex stands out for me as a kind of apex of ludicrousness – that is not how the female body works! Particularly not on a table covered with pointy things). However, at the moment, that thread is so submerged that I doubt many are picking up on it. (And I agree – Richard Madden is be-yoo-it-ful to look at…)

        • Son of fire says:

          S3E05 second scene,rose leslie….now that’s BE-YOO-IT-FUL!
          I could’nt believe it when jon left her in s3e9,you don’t leave a redhead…she’ll kill ya!

    • Interesting point – didn’t bother me as much, since pronunciation in the show functions as a marker of class. Hence proper/properly, m’lord/my lord.

      Well, Theon does grope his sister a bit, and Ramsay has a thing for blood play, and I’m creeping myself out.

  4. Winnie says:

    A few more thoughts…

    I agree that naked Richard aside, Talisa *was* mishandled. I think part of the problem is that the showrunners have trouble figuring out how to incorporate romance into the show.

    Two details that D&D added that I LOVED, was “Lady Stark you may survive us yet,” and LF’s offer to Renly. Like you, I’m in the minority of thinking the show and AG actually do a pretty good job of translating Baelish-he’s just not as subtle as book purists like to believe he is and that becomes more apparent on screen.

    And LOVED your ‘banality of evil’ speech. Personally I think Roose is much better in the screen version than the over the top leech loving book version and more importantly Michael with those scary soulless eyes absolutely KILLS it.

    • Son of fire says:

      Another fellow irishman{roose}along with LF & The tickler.

    • Crystal says:

      McElhatton was apparently better known for his comedy pre-GoT. This must be the Hugh Laurie factor of comedians making good dramatic actor crossovers because comedy is so hard and depends so much on timing.

      As for Aiden Gillen, I’ve always thought his shifting accent was somewhat on purpose to show us how slippery and phony he is and make it that much more obvious to the viewers. And no, he’s really not that subtle (by AFFC he’s being seen through by a thirteen-year-old…)

      • The accent thing is so weird from a process point of view. Did he change in in the early seasons and then get told to go natural? I mean, from the Wire you can see he can do a sustained accent if not impeccably, so it must have been a conscious decision.

    • Thanks!

      I do love Michael McElhatton as Roose. Very different from the book version, but a good argument for the virtues of adaptation.

  5. Son of fire says:

    Off topic but S4 history & lore mentions the blackfyre rebellions quite a bit!!

      • Son of fire says:

        A lead up to the end game with the greyjoys hopefully.
        Once the lannister’s,tyrells & martells are dead and buried or otherwise out of the picture.
        They better not cut vic greyjoy out,my favorite character with a broken heart and an awesome burned hand.
        No one names victarion greyjoy fool and lives to talk about it…SNAP!!

        • Winnie says:

          Sadly, I think Vic is gone. Euron might make it in Season 6.

          • Son of fire says:

            Yea i’m quietly preparing myself on that one & arianne,interestingly though tyrion in season 1 mentions theon’s uncles and in season 2 he also mentions prince doran’s youngest son to wed mrycella but s5 casting call says tystane is doran’s heir!
            Maybe the showrunners are holding their cards close to their chest,or they just keep changing their minds season to season.
            I like euron too,he’s a horrible mofo which makes for a good character.

        • I think the Greyjoy plot got moved to Season 6, somehow…not sure how that’s going to work.

  6. djinn says:

    Very interesting podcast. One thing that always did struck me as really disconcerting was the Talisa Arya counter current: Arya(or even Sansa/Brienne) story is much about the horrors of war, how victimized those without power/status are, particularly women, but Talisa is a attractive, foreign woman traveling across a war torn area without any protection and is never abused or victimized because reasons… It really doesn’t fit. I like the focus given on Margaery(if only they didn’t choose Anne Boleyn to play Anne Boleyn) but not so much at the expense of Loras. One of LF better episodes.

  7. Chad says:

    Enjoyed the podcast. Agree that season 2 seemed to be either great scenes or bad scenes with the problem being that they didn’t set big events up well. The Battle of Oxcross happens out of no where and the same with the riot in Kingslanding. Would have like to seen that Joffery shooting starving people to set up the riot scene.

    With Talisa the idea of a romantic plot was right idea but think the best back story would be if she was a distant poor/powerless Tyrell cousin. Ties into the show better, leaves out a bunch of questions about what she is doing in Westeros and simplifies things for the viewer. Then could set up/contrast with Margaery Tyrell and her horrible relationship with Joffery helping the Lannisters win with Rob having a good relationship but losing because fell for the wrong cousin.

    • Crystal says:

      That’s a really good idea for Talisa, making her a distant Tyrell relation. It would have racketed down the WTF? factor and they could have still used Oona Chaplin in the role; and as you said it would have tied it in with the rest of the Westerosi houses quite nicely.

      I surmise that D&D felt that the Jeyne subplot wouldn’t have registered with viewers and they needed buildup. I can see their point, but it could have been done better than having a new character as a proto-Florence Nightingale from overseas.

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