“Video” Podcast of HBO’s Game of Thrones, Season 2, Episode 3, “What Is Dead May Never Die”

And….we’re back!


In our ongoing attempt to get fully caught up with Game of Thrones in advance of Season 5’s premiere, we’re coming back for a second episode this week, which you can listen to here.


7 thoughts on ““Video” Podcast of HBO’s Game of Thrones, Season 2, Episode 3, “What Is Dead May Never Die”

  1. Sean C. says:

    Season 2 has several very odd episode titles, including a few instances of them making book references without actually including them in the episode itself, which I don’t think they’ve ever done before or since (“The Ghost of Harrenhal”, for instance).

    I actually wasn’t impressed with Christie or Dormer in season 2. They both improved considerably in season 3 (though I have issues with the show’s changes to both of them, in terms of how the show tends to make characters much more stereotypical).

    The scenes at Renly’s camp are another notable instance of the show getting terrible luck with its outdoor shooting, as it was evidently freezing cold throughout all that, which definitely doesn’t convey the same sort of atmosphere as the books (also, of course, the lack of horses, etc.).

    As far as the Shae thing and “forming connections”, Shae at various points in season 2 actually does things that would lead to Sansa having reason to trust her, but she appears to start doing that before Shae actually does any of those things. It’s always felt like there was a scene missing for them between episode 3 and episode 6 (though the show also tends to operate on the same faulty logic as many of the readers, where if you put two “nice” characters in scenes together they’re instinctively supposed to recognize each other). When the show started to develop the idea of them as friends, I could sort of see the value in giving Sansa someone to talk to, given the lack of internal monologue — but looking back on the whole course of events, the show really didn’t end up using it for that in any meaningful way. After season 2, Sansa/Shae scenes were exclusively used to make Sansa look dumb, with Shae rolling her eyes as the audience surrogate, not as a vehicle for character development. And it also ended up being, largely, another means for the writers to convert Sansa into a Tyrion supporting character.

    As I believe I said back when you reviewed those Arya chapters, the writers effectively condensed the story of Arya’s capture. In the books it served mainly to give Arya a bit more characterization as “pack leader”, but with time at a premium, I think the show was better-served by getting the story to Harrenhal more quickly.

  2. Son of Fire says:

    Great as always,i especially liked the part where scott says oh,ah & yea for over 45 seconds 🙂
    Was that supposed to be the damphair doing theon’s baptisim?

  3. Chad says:

    This is my favorite non-penultimate episode of the series so far. The comment about where the show is better than the books for this material are spot on.

    What make Renly’s camp standout is that they are having a good time. In a grim show it really makes Renly and then the Brotherhood without Banners in season 3 standout when re-watching.

  4. winnie says:

    Another great analysis Steve. I agree that Tyrion’s scenes were even better than in the books and ND as Margaery is a revelation.

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