“Video” Podcast of HBO’s Game of Thrones, Season 2, Episode 2, “The Nightlands”

Podcast is up! We’re going to be doing two of these a week until Season 5 starts, so expect another episode on Thursday.





16 thoughts on ““Video” Podcast of HBO’s Game of Thrones, Season 2, Episode 2, “The Nightlands”

  1. Son of Fire says:

    Excellent i shall listen right now.
    Need something to get my mind off Mr spock 😦
    Still feeling it.

    • Son of Fire says:

      The missing aliser thorne material in ACOK is something i picked up on when reading the novels after already seen the show.Agreed with the “arry” & theon scenes are great as well are tyrion’s.
      The discussion on stannis is classic…i LOL’d.
      His line to davos in S3E10 gives me a bad feeling about what his fate,well tv show stannis anyway.

      well done,i shall raise a cup in your honor!

  2. David Hunt says:

    Interesting back and forth between you regarding Staninis. I think I came to like him as a character when he revealed his humanity by discussing his tortured feelings about what happened to Renly. I remember it as Stannis realizing, too late, that he had actually loved his brother after any chance of achieving a reconciliation was lost. Stannis would still have opposed Renly’s claim to his last breath, as was proper, but I got the impression that he wished they parted expressing less personal animosity.

    I’m not expressing this well, but I think that is partly due to how conflicted Stannis’ own feelings were in regards to both his brothers.

  3. Winnie says:

    Like you’re noting that the show makes a point of showing that the Lannister’s are the first group in power NOT to respect the traditions and laws of the Night’s Watch-another sign that they’re a disruptive force.

    Arya/Gendry are indeed a great road pairing. And I LOVED every moment with Yoren. Sob. Even being a certifiable badass who’s completely in the right, (legally and morally) can’t save you in this series.

    Varys/Tyrion bonding over their mutual deviousness indeed. And agree that Shae’s interactions with other characters are more interesting.

    I don’t recall the show mentioning anything about sending Ser Alliser to KL with the hand. I admit it’s a loss. Of course whenever we see Southerners ignoring warnings from the Wall, I’m inclined to start throwing things.

    “Their audition for Waiting for Godot.” LOL! While Jon’s story arc was mishandled this season, I think they did a good job with Sam and Gilly-helps that JB and HM are so perfect in those roles. I’ll have to take your word about the sword sharpening being wrong, but I have to say I think you may be the only one to worry about that Steve!

    Like the commentary about how you’re not quite sure what to make of Theon. THe guy sucking up to the head of the fraternity indeed! FYI I thought they set up those elements of Theon’s character quite well in Season 1 especially his scene with Osha/Luwin.

    Agree that Asha/Yara went off the rails a bit in Season 4-I have the feeling they were originally planning something different but the original plot had to be scrapped for some reason…maybe it had something to do with Asha’s eventual fate in the books?!?

    I liked the Ros/Littlefinger better than you guys did; it illustrated the way a non-player in the Game viewed the killing of Robert’s bastards.

    I agree that PD is influencing the direction of Tyrion’s character-and that it’s a good thing D&D aren’t making Tyrion as dark and unsympathetic as in the books.

    LOVED everything about the Tyrion/Cersei scene. I thought the family dynamics were *perfect* and the way it sums up their ruling philosophies and Cersei’s problems as a political actor in these two exchanges.

    “Why do I care what the people think?”
    “You may find it hard to rule over millions who want you dead.”

    “This is what ruling is-sitting on a bed of weeds and pulling them out one by one before they strangle you in your sleep.”
    “I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure there’s more to ruling than that!”

    But she never does learn does she?!? post is getting WAY too long, so I’ll end here by just saying Good Job to you and SEK!

  4. Winnie says:

    And as someone who was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in college, I definitely think a case could be made for Stannis being on the Spectrum. And I think Stannis *did* genuinely love Renly once-for that matter Renly mentions that there was a time when he loved Stannis. I think there was a time long ago when they were quite close.

    • David Hunt says:

      As I said above, I think that Stannis loved Renly right up to the end. He just didn’t realize it until Renly was dead and any hope of a final goodbye is gone. Important lesson for HBO’s Game of Thrones: never leave any conversation unfinished with any form of important information undisclosed. e.g. “When we meet again, I’ll tell you about your mother.”

    • A case could certainly be made, I just didn’t want to immediately leap to that and end the discussion there.

  5. John W says:

    When does your latest book go on sale and what formats will it be available in?

    • So Hymn for Spring ebook will be out on 4/15, and preorders should be available 3/15.

      My next book, “Analyzing,” doesn’t have a release date yet, but we’re working on that. Plan is to do both physical and ebook.

  6. Sean C. says:

    Hot Pie’s cameo in season 4 made me remember how much I like that actor, so revisiting this episode reconfirmed that.

    • Agreed. A wonderful, normal person. I really, really liked his Season 4 cameo.

      You cannot give up on the gravy, indeed.

    • winnie says:

      Yeah I really liked Hot Pie and felt so relieved for him when he was left at the Inn because it was clearly the best place for him.

      I also enjoyed Gendry and how subtly Baratheon he was if that makes sense.

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