Update: Laboratory of Politics, Part VI Is Done!

Weighing in at some 10,000-odd words, I am finally done with this mammoth essay, which I have to say I’m very proud of, at least as far as the research that went into it. Laboratory of Politics Part VI will be up on Tower of the Hand as of February 1st. And with this, the final essay in the Laboratory of Politics series, I can now formally announce…my newest book project!

Analyzing a World of Ice and Fire: Kings, Hands, and City-States” is a forthcoming collection of my Tower of the Hand essay series on the politics of the Westerosi monarchy, the politics of the various Hands of the King, and the politics of the many city-states of Essos. “Analyzing” also includes two brand-new, never-before seen essays on the King on the Iron Throne and the Hand of the King. And for the first time, this Race for the Iron Throne book will be an actual physical, printed and bound book!

So keep your eyes peeled for news about where and when you can get your hands on this volume…

And in the mean time, now that I’m done with that behemoth of an essay, on to Theon II!


6 thoughts on “Update: Laboratory of Politics, Part VI Is Done!

  1. Winnie says:

    Glad to know you’re still alive and congratulations on the new book!

    Now on to Theon II!

  2. Son of Fire says:

    Excellent work,go on ya good thing!!
    As they say over here in the republic of ireland 🙂

  3. R.T. Reader says:

    Something changed on your blog recently and the link to switch from the mobile version to the full version is gone.

    This probably isn’t the right place but the mobile site doesn’t allow me to find the right place.

    Thanks for your excellent work. I hope in the future I can once again navigate the site easily enough to read it.

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