Progress Update! Tower of the Hand: A Hymn for Spring, Coming 4/15/15!

Well, this has been some time coming, but here we are at last:


As the photo suggests, the long-awaited sequel to the excellent collected volume, Tower of the Hand: A Flight of Sorrows, will be published April 15th, with pre-orders starting a month early. Tower of the Hand: Hymn for Spring features some of the best writers from the ASOIAF community, including Stefan Sasse of the Boiled Leather Audio Hour and Nerdstream Era, Amin Javadi of the Podcast of Ice and Fire, Jeff Hartline, founder of Wars and Politics of Ice and Fire, and many more.

Hymn for Spring also features two, count ’em, two essays from Yours Truly! The first, “Machiavellianism for a Purpose,” examines the implications of Machiavellian theory for the players of the Game of Thrones – building on a lot of work I’ve done in my chapter-by-chapter analyses. The second is my long-awaited Littlefinger embezzlement essay which I’ve been referring to obliquely for some time now, which you will now get to read in full.

So save up your coppers, set aside a few silver stags, and maybe dig up that golden dragon you’ve got hidden under the floorboards, because this book is finally going to print!



3 thoughts on “Progress Update! Tower of the Hand: A Hymn for Spring, Coming 4/15/15!

  1. scarlett45 says:

    I can’t wait!

  2. So it’s 03.16.15 already, where’s the pre-order? ,)

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