Race for the Iron Throne Breaks ONE MILLION HITS!

Wow. Two and a bit years later, here we are with 1,000,000+ hits. Thanks to all of you for continuing to read the blog, watch/listen to the podcast, buy the book, etc.

Here’s hoping for many such milestones.


28 thoughts on “Race for the Iron Throne Breaks ONE MILLION HITS!

  1. scarlett45 says:

    Thank you so much for all of your hard work! I “met you” on the TWOP boards and you have enhanced my enjoyment of the series tremendously. I look forward to hopefully more years of your writing.

  2. David Hunt says:

    Congrats on the milestone. I don’t think I’d have ever read the books if I hadn’t encountered this site via your podcasts with SEK.

  3. Son of fire says:

    Love the podcasts & the cbc analysis

  4. Hardy says:

    CONGRATS! Absolutely deserved! Thx a lot for your great work!

  5. Winnie says:

    Congratulations Steve and thank you! I found this place accidentally and have been hooked ever since. It’s the best ASOIAF analysis around.

  6. Evelyn Newman says:

    Wow Steven, very impressive. Congratulations!

    I am curious: Have you ever had any contact with the author G Martin? He should be grateful to you for publicizing his books, and I hope he said so.


  7. David says:


    • David says:

      With a few caveats, of course. StannisIsTheFury & JoannaLannister are go-tos for all things Baratheon & “Hear Me Roar,” BoiledLeather brings the social-justice commentary, and NobodySuspectsTheButterfly makes scarily-accurate predictions of our morrows in a drop of blood [which she collects and uses to draw SanSan pics]… but nobody else does political analyses with this level of insight and historical reference.

      Here’s to the next million hits!

  8. Austin says:

    Congrats, ser. Best ASOIAF blog out there, IMO.

  9. Mr Fixit says:

    Steven, your essays and reviews are among the most literate and well-informed pieces of writing I’ve come across in a long time. When I embark on a re-read of ASoIaF, the material on this site will be right there with me.

  10. Abbey Battle says:

    Maester Steven, congratulations upon breaking the One Million mark and felicitations on the continuing success of your campaign to be recognised as Grand Maester of the online community devoted to ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ (I fully expect that on the far-distant day when GRR Martin breathes his last at the age of One Gross – 144 years for those not so inclined to remember Tolkien miscellany – that Ms. Linda Antonsson, Mr Ellio Garcia and you yourself Maester Steven will give us as fine a display of deviousness, scheming and plotting as one might expect from those looking to collar the title of Grand Maester left vacant in true Westerosi fashion!).

    Stay well and long may your most excellent work continue!

  11. MightyIsobel says:

    Congratulations, and thank you for always-insightful commentary!

  12. Alfred Borden says:

    This blog is my sun and stars, the moon of my life. Congrats on 1 million hits!

  13. Kevin Moore says:

    >buy the book

    You have a book?? Or do you mean buy a GRRM book through your link? I hope the former since I have the latter.

  14. Very well deserved those hits, congratulations and here’s to many, many more!

  15. David Hunt says:

    I see that you’ve been brought on as a regular at Lawyers, Guns & Money. I’m glad to see this and look forward to reading more of your views on politics (and other matters) outside of Westeros.

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