Race for the Iron Throne E-Book Update is LIVE!

As of now, “Race for the Iron Throne: History and Politics of A Game of Thrones,” Version 2.0 has gone live on Amazon.com! If you’ve already purchased your copy, thank you very much – download your updated copy by going to your amazon.com account and going to “Manage Your Kindle” to update your copy, and syncing your e-reader once you’ve done that. Do tell your friends, leave an review on the Amazon page, it helps a lot – big shout-out to the folks who’ve left reviews already, it’s been amazing.

If you haven’t yet bought the book, now is the perfect time to get yourself the snazzy new version.




Here’s what’s included in Version 2.0:

  • A brand-new cover with custom photography, as opposed to the old cover which was a copy of “It Is Known”‘s cover.
  • A brand-new Introduction from Yours Truly, to help out the newcomers navigate the text.
  • A fully-remastered main text, with working internal hyperlinks that replicate the blog’s functionality in linking together arguments and themes developed over dozens of chapters.
  • And, as promised, a bonus section containing:
    • From the Blue Buddha Archives,” an extensive sample from editor Marc Kleinhenz’s It is Known, covering A Clash of Kings and the first season of Game of Thrones
    • “Blue Buddha Daibutsu: “Night Falls and Lights Rise,””  a never-before-published fantasy short story incorporating magic, the divine, and the meaning of life… and death, written by Remy J. Verhoeve, of Is Winter Coming? and Tower of the Hand fame.
    • Blue Buddha Gaiden: “Why Do We Fall, Bruce? To Write Horribly Cheesy Dialogue, Part III,”” – an exclusive essay critiquing Man of Steel as a film and examining it as a burgeoning (cinematic) world-builder, written by editor Marc Kleinhenz.
    • And leaving the best for last, a Blue Buddha Sneak Peek of Hymn for Spring, the hotly-anticipated followup to Tower of the Hand’s excellent edited volume of essays A Flight of Sorrows (highly recommended by yours truly). including an update on which authors will be included in the upcoming Volume 2, a Q&A with some of the new authors, and a sample from the book – which will be landing September 29th, featuring two essays from Yours Truly.

I hope you’ll be pleased with the extra work that’s been put into making Version 2.0 bigger and better than before!




24 thoughts on “Race for the Iron Throne E-Book Update is LIVE!

  1. Abbey Battle says:

    Thank you for informing us of this update Maester Steven (also congratulations on your book having become The Blue Buddah’s gateway drug of choice!); I hope that even if your profits don’t quite make up a full-blown income, they are at least a nice juicy extra.

  2. dankohn says:

    I’m not seeing the updated book yet in the Manage Your Content and Devices of Amazon. Hopefully it will show up soon.

  3. David Hunt says:

    Question to anybody in the know.

    I don’t own a reading device like a Kindle. Is there some software out there that would let me use the ebook on a laptop/tablet?

  4. Incidentally, if you have bought the book or are about to, please leave a review on Amazon.com. Staying on top of the rankings is pretty difficult as it’s a competitive marketplace, but they definitely weight volume and rating of reviews pretty heavily, and it’ll help keep the book up there where people might stumble across it.

  5. Abbey Battle says:

    It struck me on reading about the early days of the Ottoman Empire that the facility with which the Dothraki horse-lords move between the Great Grass Sea and the Palaces of the Free Cities resembles the Turks a great deal (had Drogo lived he might have founded a dynasty fit to have Bayezid, Mehmet and Suleiman looking to their laurels).

  6. Tom says:

    An update hasn’t become available for me? I’m using the Australian store so maybe that’s the issue?

  7. Ivan T. W. says:

    No update for me either, Steven. Same cover, same content.

    • Should be there. Keep checking your amazon page, and synching.

      If it still doesn’t work in a couple days, let me know and I’ll see what I can do to make sure you get your updated copies.

  8. OK, quick update of the update: Amazon has decided to take its sweet time updating things. Here is what they said:

    “When a book undergoes significant changes, any customer receiving an updated version can no longer view any highlights, bookmarks, or notes that they made and they lose their furthest reading location.

    As a result, we only make new versions of a book available when we confirm that improvements are in place to correct quality issues that negatively affect the overall reading experience.”

    So…basically it’s going to take a week or two, because Amazon is dragging its feet. However, the update will be coming and is now DEFINITELY up for new purchases.

  9. Philip E says:

    Any news on the update? I’ve tried redownloading a number of times but still only get the original version. I’m using Kindle for PC and purchased from Amazon Canada.

    • Have you gone into your Amazon account and hit “manage your devices”? You should be able to update from there.

      • Philip E says:

        I have tried to re-download from my Amazon account–though the options from the “Your Account” menu seem different between Amazon.com and Amazon.ca. On Amazon.com I see a “Manage Your Content and Devices” option whereas on Amazon.ca I get a “Manage Your Kindle” option. Selecting that gets me to “Your Kindle Library” which shows me the book with the new cover. From here I can deliver the book to my Kindle for PC (and have done so repeatedly), and the program appears to be re-downloading it, but I only get the original version. I take it that Amazon should have made the update available? I’ll try Amazon customer support.

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