Video Podcast of Game of Thrones, Season 4 Episode 2, “The Lion and the Rose”

I love weddings, don’t you?

Check it out!


24 thoughts on “Video Podcast of Game of Thrones, Season 4 Episode 2, “The Lion and the Rose”

  1. Winnie says:

    Great rundown as always. But I’m getting antsy for ACOK…

  2. Tom M says:

    Fun stuff (like your book, too). Reek (Theon) is actually replacement Reek so it isn’t like Roose didn’t know of Ramsay’s proclivities. Also, I don’t get the 2nd Dreadfort scene where he criticizes Ramsay for ruining his hostage but has no problem with Locke maiming Jaime? An entire Jaime would have more value to Roose, at least in keeping his head since Tywin sort of knows who amputated his son’s hand. The book at least was consistent since Vargo Hoat took the hand off for which he was bearly treated. Show Roose has his familiar maim Jaime and all is well? No, sorry, doesn’t hold water.

    • No, he had a problem with Locke maiming Jaime – hence his expression when Jaime was presented to him, and then the dinner he had with Jaime.

      I think Roose sends Locke off to Tywin when Locke fails to bring back the kids. And then the Mountain de-limbs him.

      • Winnie says:

        Or Locke ends up at the Wall….neither Tywin nor the Mountain after all are gonna be around for much longer this season.

        And yeah, I already like Fat Walda and the actress in the role. I’m hoping we see more of her-and of that weird romance she actually develops with her husband. And I agree with you its nice to have a show without fat shaming-(the people who make fun of Sam for being fat are shown to be not nice people and everyone in viewerland LOVES Sam) and where people with…uh extra padding are still capable of getting others to love them.

        Had to love how awesomely bitchy and petty Cersei was being. For one thing Cersei vs. Margaery is going to be absolutely EPIC. For another, I’m actually pleased we saw Cersei meet Brienne in person, because it sets it up for a scenario later on where Jaime actively chooses Brienne over her.

        • Well, the Mountain fight isn’t until Episode 8, which means Tywin’s around until Episode 10.

          And we need something to introduce the Mountain as a big scary dude before the fight.

          And yeah, I can’t wait for Cersei vs. Margaery in Season 5.

      • Sean C. says:

        I don’t think there’s time for that. And there hasn’t been any mention of anybody wanting revenge on Locke.

  3. Winnie says:


  4. JT says:

    I thought this episode was quite good. Mace Tyrell seems a little bumbling for my tastes (in the books he’s described as a mediocre general, but seems to be fairly adept at getting what he wants politically).

    I’m *really* worried that Tywin will get his hands on Shae and hang her and that’s going to be the straw that leads to Tyrion killing Tywin (or something along those lines). I hope that show Tyrion ends up consistent with his storyline in the book – strangling Shae, as opposed to killing his father to avenge her death.

    • Winnie says:

      That does seem like the direction they’re headed for isn’t it? They clearly aren’t enamored with Stannis and thus don’t do him full justice, but somebody over there clearly adores Tyrion and they’re trying to make a Saint….I wonder if at least part of it is because they KNOW he’s staying married to Sansa in the end, (the scenes of them bonding) so they’re trying to keep him squeaky clean for that reason…

    • Nah, Mace is pretty damn bad at politics. He gets away with it because he’s got money and a big army, but Olenna is the brains of the family.

      I think that’s going to be the big make-or-break for this season. If Tyrion doesn’t kill Shae, I think the show will have massively sold out.

      • Winnie says:

        Even if it does happen like that, I’m afraid, I’ll still be watching it. And you will too Steve, if only so we can see how the whole damn thing ends.

  5. Sean C. says:

    The Dreadfort scenes were a huge, huge improvement over the material from last season, which is nice. Some genuine plot and more characters do wonders to improve the place.

    The Dragonstone scenes continue to feature a very good version of Davos and a fun show version of Shireen, and some really heinous alterations to the Stannis character, which at this point can only be deliberately aimed at making him less sympathetic.

    I liked the wedding on the whole. I’ve made my complaints about Sansa’s complete lack of agency already, so I won’t reiterate them (except to say that her going with Dontos after be ambushed at the wedding is not agency in any meaningful sense, and certainly not a substitute for what the show took away from her).

    Bran’s plot has some direction now, at least, which is similarly an improvement over last year. I really think the show needs to get whoever does the visuals for NBC’s “Hannibal” series in for a few brainstorming sessions, because that’s the kind of imagination that Bran’s visions need to be really compelling.

    • Winnie says:

      LOL about the Hannibal directors and how they’re making better use of Bran’s storyline.

      As much as we have reason to dislike the portrayal of Stannis and Sansa, I do think there’s reason to hope that things will get better later this season-their attempts to whitewash Tyrion frankly, are more worrying.

    • Yeah, the Dragonstone stuff is really uneven.

      I don’t know exactly how you’re defining agency here. I think the major damage that was done was done in Season 2/3, when they dropped the Ser Dontos plotline where she is making choices about whether she wants to leave with him or marry a Tyrell. But in so far as the Purple Wedding is concerned, this is pretty much on par with the book.

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