Race for the Iron Throne on Esquire.com! Madness of Thrones, Round 1

And now for something completely different…

For a bit of a palette-cleanser between A Game of Thrones and A Clash of Kings, check out my new series on Esquire.com, “Madness of Thrones,” a March Madness-style (yes, I know it’s a bit late) tournament pitting our favorite Game of Thrones characters against their historical counterparts!


14 thoughts on “Race for the Iron Throne on Esquire.com! Madness of Thrones, Round 1

  1. Abbey Battle says:

    Maester Steven, this was a beautiful bit of post-March Madness; it’s fascinating to imagine how the confrontations would have played out (I for one refuse to imagine the confrontation between Richard III, Tyrion Lannister and Claudius as anything but a DRINKING contest!); I would, however, like to point out that you seem to have confused the Queens Consort of Richard Cour de Leon and Edward the Second (Richard the First wed Berengaria of Navarre and no one else).

    It was also interesting to see you pull some of the old scandals out of a certain sort of history book and I must also say that the only disappointment in your line-up was a SHOCKING lack of Edward the First, robbing us of a clash between Lord Tywin and old Longshanks! (let’s face it, Warwick was no man’s fool, but he was no Hammer of the Scots).

    • Whoops editing error.

      Edward I wasn’t a Hand of the King, though. And no one in the King’s bracket matched him.

      • Abbey Battle says:

        Fair enough, but I DO hope that if you ever give this crazy, CRAZY AWESOME idea another outing you’ll give old Ned Longshanks a chance to hammer the opposition (heck, with The World of Ice and Fire coming out you’ll have a great many more potential match-ups if nothing else!).

  2. CoffeeHound14 says:

    Hey Steven,

    I am posting this here because I have no other way to float it to you. I found what I believe to be another bit of evidence to support your conclusion that Littlefinger is cooking the books. In the first Jaime chapter of A Feast for Crows, Jaime interviews the chief undergaoler (who if he made it into the show would have to be played by Rainn Wilson since Mackenzie Crook is playing Orell) who volunteers the information that the crown has for some time paid wages for 20 turnkeys and 6 undergaolers, but has never actually employed more than 12 and 3 of each respectively. Jaime never thinks to ask where the remaining wages went because he is to preoccupied by the fiscal waste of the Red Keep’s mostly unused jailing capacity, but it seems fairly apparent that this is one of Littlefingers many money laundering operations.

    Thought you might be interested.


  3. Tom says:

    Surely Henry Morgan is a much better fit for Salladhor Saan than Davos?

  4. dankohn says:

    Wonderful job, as usual. Loved “Edward just couldn’t quit Piers”.

  5. Winnie says:

    I really enjoyed this bit, but I must admit I’m getting impatient for ACoK chapters.

    • I got either food poisoning or a stomach bug the other day, which is slowing me down a bit.

      I have about a third of my essay on the prologue done and will finish it when I feel up to it.

      • Winnie says:

        Got it. I hope you feel better Steve. Drink lots of fluids-ginger ale is best.

        And we’re counting down the hours to Season Four…

  6. Abbey Battle says:

    I’d just like to add my own best wishes for your health Maester Steven.

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