Guest Appearance on Unspoiled Podcast!

Last week I sent an email to Natasha and Brendan at Unspoiled Podcast about the Theon Winds of Winter preview chapter and what it means about the Pink Letter and the forthcoming Battle of Ice, and they featured it as part of their ASOIAF wrap-up week.

Apparently they enjoyed my theorizing enough to invite me on the podcast for a two-hour marathon on the Winds of Winter, my theories about Meereen and the Meereenese Knot (which felt good to talk about, since I’m years away from getting to ADWD in my chapter-by-chapter analyses), and much much more.

Check it out!


4 thoughts on “Guest Appearance on Unspoiled Podcast!

  1. elizabeth gorman says:

    This was such a fun and packed full of treasures episode! I also wanted to let you know of an app I just discovered through my droid play store. It’s Web2go. Basically, it offers a collection of blogs to be read via an automated female or male voice. For 2.99, I was able to bump up to their prime feature and then request your blog. The response was not only a yes but also the woman running the app is also a big fan of A Race For The Iron Throne. It has only been a days wait and your blog is on their list of selections. I’m guessing this would be an app also found for I phones. I’m thrilled with the success of your blog. With any luck, it will catch on even more now that folks can have this audio version. Very Cool! ~Elizabeth

  2. illrede says:

    Think that’s a bot up there.

    I think you have a point with the Euron thing. His conversation with Victarion before sending him out with the Iron Fleet is cast in a clearer light with it. “What if he lied” indeed.

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