Personal Update

As of today, I am now officially a PhD in History.


24 thoughts on “Personal Update

  1. Carol says:


  2. Amy Stagner says:

    Congrats, Dr. Steve

  3. That is awesome, congratulations.

  4. Andy says:

    Congratulations! That gives me hope for down the road when you’re mapping out what exactly Mereen is all about.

  5. John W says:

    Congratulations! Kudos.

  6. Matt Singer says:

    congrats!! what was your thesis about?

  7. axrendale says:

    Congratulations indeed!

  8. Sean C. says:

    Congratulations. I once thought I’d have one of those, but after I got my MA in History I took a turn into Law.

  9. Hardy says:

    Congrats Steven! Great, how you’ve been able to concentrate on your thesis and still had the time to create such wonderful articles about the ASOIAF-universe. Keep on the brillant work! Greetings from Germany.

  10. Chris says:


  11. stevenattewell says:

    Thanks to everyone for their kind wishes.

  12. CoffeeHound14 says:


  13. nixiepoo says:


  14. As my people say, mazal tov and yasher koach!!!

  15. Folusho A says:

    Sincerest congratulations!

  16. Andrew says:


  17. David Hunt says:


  18. puzzled says:


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