Video Podcast of Game of Thrones, Season 3, Episode 10, “Mhysa”

The season is finally over, and (belatedly) SEK of Lawyers, Guns and Money and I discuss what worked (a surprising amount) and what didn’t (some really big moments, coughDANYcough).

Check it out!


23 thoughts on “Video Podcast of Game of Thrones, Season 3, Episode 10, “Mhysa”

  1. SEK says:

    Have I mentioned how much I hate that the only available images were me in my stupid hat?

  2. SEK says:

    You know I can’t choose those, right? If I could, I’d have it the opening title, because that would make sense and all.

  3. Sean C. says:

    Minor clarification: the description of Robb’s body (and Catelyn’s) isn’t from the Small Council scene, it’s from the following Tyrion chapter, where he describes how he told Sansa about the massacre, but kept the grisly details from her. One of the bits we didn’t get on the show (because the show really doesn’t seem to think showing Sansa reacting to anything is important).

    • stevenattewell says:


      Disagree with that implication, I think the show prefers to show Sansa’s wordless reaction rather than to spend time recapping what the audience already knows.

      • Sean C. says:

        The cumulative effect of which is to rob Sansa of any POV in her own story (which has also been softened all to hell to avoid making Tyrion, Cersei, or Margaery look bad).

      • stevenattewell says:

        I don’t see that at all.

      • Sean C. says:

        You surely can’t have missed all the changes to this story to make Tyrion look better? How the Tyrells haven’t totally thrown her overboard, like they did in the books? How even Cersei is shown feeling sympathetic, instead of backing Joffrey to the hilt like she did in the books? How Sansa’s one conversation on the subject was written to focus on Tyrion being a dwarf, rather than being a Lannister, and used Margaery to pump up all Tyrion’s good qualities just like Tyrion fans have always argued, whereas in the books Margaery thought Sansa marrying Tyrion was horrible?

      • stevenattewell says:

        I agree the nature of the characters have changed, largely in response to the nature of the actors they’re dealing with – Peter Dinklage is much more handsome than bookTyrion, Natalie Dormer is much more worldly than bookMargaery, etc.

        I just don’t agree that Sansa is being robbed of her POV as a result of it. It’s a different POV, because her story has been altered in different ways – having Shae as a friend, not having her wedding to Tyrion sprung on her without warning, etc. Likewise, Arya in the show is not the same as Arya in the books – she never met Roose Bolton or retook Harrenhal, she hadn’t killed a man until after the RW, she had a different relationship with the Brotherhood Without Banners, etc.

        And again, we have to adjust for different media – we don’t have internal monologue on the show, so a lot more has to happen through nonverbal facial expressions and the like. We have less “screen time” than in the books, so things have to develop faster and be more straightforward than in the books, etc.

  4. Katie says:

    What do you think about the timing of Jaime’s arrival in King’s Landing on the show? There isn’t anything that’ll majorly affect his storyline, but it looks like he’ll be there for Joffrey’s wedding and possibly come into contact with Sansa. Brienne also needs to find something to do for the next half a season, and I presume HBO are going to add some extra material for her.

    • Sean C. says:

      Regarding Brienne, I’ve seen a number of different theories about what they’ll do with her. I suspect she’ll spend much of season 4 in King’s Landing, and probably be the one Jaime trains with, particularly since the actor playing Ilyn Payne has terminal cancer anyway.

      Jaime and Brienne returning prior to the Purple Wedding is a high wire act, in terms of Jaime’s oath and Sansa’s escape. We’ll see how they handle it.

    • stevenattewell says:

      Yeah…having Jaime be present for the death of Joffrey, Tyrion’s imprisonment, and Sansa’s escape is a bit weird.

      On the other hand, I don’t see the Purple Wedding happening too late in the 4th season – certainly not later than Episode 3, and possibly as soon as Episode 2.

      So there’s not much in the way of filler – the main thing is that Jaime and Brienne need to be away from the action when the Wedding happens.

  5. Lars says:

    Nice podcast (as usual) – But I have to say that I’m mystified about your TELEPORTATION claims, Steven.

    Any TV viewer should be aware that X amount of time may pass between scenes. A single episode of GOT may cover several months (Season 1 episode 1), or just a few hours (“Blackwater”). This is not “24″ we are watching – or a live broadcast. This is all accomplished through the “magic” of editing. (I’m really surprised you did not point this out, SEK)

    This is not news, nor should it be. If Sam sends a raven in SCENE A, and it arrives in scene B – one can naturally assume that days/weeks/months have passed in between. Right? Do we really need several scenes of a raven in flight, to indicate this? Or for Davos to say “As you know, it takes 4 weeks for a raven to reach us from Castle Black, so this must have been sent 4 weeks ago”? Do we?

    The only place where a legitimate “teleportation” claim can be made is if there is a scenario like this:
    Scene A1 -> Scene B1 -> Scene B2 – Scene A2
    …Where the A scenes are one plot-line, and the B scenes another plot-line, and the time we know passes between A1 and A2 is only a short time, which makes it impossible that B2 followed B1 if a lot of time is supposed to have passed between them.

    (Most of the same complaints in Season 2 regarding “teleporting Littlefinger” are equally bogus, and people just don’t pay attention to the time that can elapse between episodes and scenes – it seems like most complaints are truly that there were no “Littlefinger riding through scenery” scenes)

    Sure, it is a bit off that Sam & Gilly got to CB before Jon, but it could be rationalized by Sam going in a straight line where Jon is barely conscious and his horse wanders.

    • stevenattewell says:

      Regarding the teleportation, I think it’s the swift transition from writing to sending to it arriving on Dragonstone without much in the way of intervening scenes that makes it feel like teleportation. And honestly, I think a lot of that could be cleared up by just throwing in a line about “two weeks of hard riding” from Littlefinger or something like that.

      The show has avoided virtually any mention of time passing in ways that is genuinely starting to confuse the audience, and that’s why teleporting comes up. We don’t need to see LF riding, but if he’d just said something I think people have a better sense of time and distance.

      Similar problem with Robb going from the Crag to Harrenhal or the Mountain somehow getting thrown back from crossing the ford at Stone Mill after marching from Harrenhal and still managing to get to Casterly Rock.

      • Lars says:

        Yes, they certainly could do some things better like you mention to suggest the passage of time… That I agree with. But it still irks me when people raise that as a “teleportation” offense – that is what I reacted to.

        As for if it is starting to confuse the audience – No, I would disagree with that. Some of us are map geeks, yes, but the majority of the audience does not need to know or care how many days/weeks there is between the different areas. As long as the show is consistent, there is no real problem, IMO.

        • stevenattewell says:

          On the second point, I can think of at least three podcasts that have brought up the subject more than once, and a ton of reddit threads that raise the topic.

        • stevenattewell says:

          It’s also important when we think about the age of the younger characters. For example, Bran has visibly entered puberty, but Sansa is still 14 despite about two years having passed by Joffrey’s yardstick.

      • Karl says:

        Been watching these in prep for season 4. You guys didn’t mention my biggest teleportation peeve with this episode- how exactly do Bran, who is a cripple with a six-year-old in tow, make it to the Nightfort, meet up with S&G, and S&G make it to Castle Black, and manage to beat Jon there, who has both a head start and a horse?

        • Well, Sam and Gilly were just on the other side of the Wall, and it’s a lot easier to walk down the Wall and go down an elevator to ride in a straight line with arrows in you. And Bran isn’t dragging himself – he’s being pulled by a giant.

  6. jreinatl says:

    Out of curiosity (and since I know you’re trying not to be spoiler-y in the podcast), what is impressive scene that they haven’t shot yet that you would have ended the season on? I would have ended it with the Wildlings closing in on the Wall for attack, but I can think of a few others as well.

  7. Son of fire says:

    Quick thought on the mhysa scene,It may be a visual parallel to an event that has’nt been published yet & will be an ending to an episode or even a finale for say season 8(if they go the whole 10 seasons)
    *******SPOILERS & potential SPOILERS maybe :)******
    Dany makes landfall on dorne and does what the targaryens failed to do before…conquest & or the decimation of dorne.Given the recent events in ADWD where QM tried to procure himself a furnace with wings and what looks like an aegon/arianne marriage happening in TWOW,with dany seemingly choosing the war path dorne is a legitimate target.I think she’s gonna do something terrible(she did crucifie 163 people already,she might very well be her fathers daughter)that will be the opposite of the mhysa scene but complement it also.
    *******END SPOILERS************

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