Video Podcast of Game of Thrones Season 3, Episode 2, “Dark Wings, Dark Words”

Scott Eric Kaufman and I did another video recap of HBO’s Game of Thrones. In this installment, we analyze how Bran and Sansa deal with questions of trusting new arrivals to the drama with the truth,  how Arya and Theon both deal with questions of “who are you?” (and ultimately, “who am I?”), how Cersei and Margaery interact so differently with Joffrey’s peculiar blend of misogyny and sadism, and so much more!

So check it out!


9 thoughts on “Video Podcast of Game of Thrones Season 3, Episode 2, “Dark Wings, Dark Words”

  1. Sean C. says:

    I agree that the goal of the Catelyn stuff is to make more people like her, but that in itself is character assassination (arguably) if it involves pandering to dumb fans who don’t understand the complexities of the situation, and insist on seeing Catelyn as Jon’s mother (basically) even though she doesn’t have any obligation to assume that position.

    I enjoyed all the discussion of the visuals.

    • stevenattewell says:

      I would argue with the assassination label. It didn’t show that she should have been his mother, just that her dislike of him wasn’t unalloyed or uncomplicated.

  2. Abbey Battle says:

    Maester Steven, I would like to ask if you will continue posting ‘Gabbing about Game of Thrones’ articles in collaboration with your co-contributor? (or do you intend to replace that series with this one?).

    I’m very fond of ‘Gabbing about GOT’ and would be sorry to see it consigned exclusively to the archives and to fond memories.

  3. theoedmands says:

    The “Howland Reed with a moving castle” and “Howl’s Moving Castle” connection is most likely a coincidence. “Howl’s Moving Castle” was released in 2004 and “A Storm Of Swords” was published in 2000.

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