We’re back with another recap of HBO’s Game of Thrones, where Patrick Donahoe of Entertained Organizer and I discuss Bronn’s previous life as a British pop star, whether Bronn would shank the Hound or whether the Hound would shiv Bronn, whether Tyrion has better chemistry with Bronn or Varys, update our ongoing psychological assessment of Joffrey’s messed-up sexuality, Sansa impressing us with her snark, Tyrion and Joffrey refusing to speak to each other, some amazing explosions and The Michael Bay Theory of Cosmic Justice, Stannis Baratheon doing his George Washington impression, some truly memorable disembowellings and decapitations that Patrick forgot, the Hound’s epic job resignation, Tyrion as FDR, and I count how many times Cersei has a drink!

Check it out!


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