Recap Discussion of HBO’s Game of Thrones S02E03: What Is Dead May Never Die

Continuing our exploration of Season 2 of HBO’s Game of Thrones, Patrick Donahoe of Entertained Organizer and I discuss Episode 2 of Season 3 of Game of Thrones. Among the topics we discuss: what to do with Craster, gender and sexual roles in Renly’s camp and whether Margaery’s offer is technically incest, Theon’s ongoing daddy issues and his new cult, the virtues of benign neglect in a Lannister household, Tyrion’s nessun dorma, and Yoren’s finest hour.

Take a look!


6 thoughts on “Recap Discussion of HBO’s Game of Thrones S02E03: What Is Dead May Never Die

  1. scarlett45 says:

    You guys are funny.

    Btw- I don’t think Margery was suggesting anything incestuous with her brother. She just wants Renly prepared for the impregnating.

    Loras is the least secure. Until now he’s had Renly all to himself and now he has to share. This was all HIS idea, and he knows this marriage benefits him too- he gets it but he’s a little jealous.

    • stevenattewell says:

      I agree about Margaery. And I don’t think Loras is that jealous of Margaery as much as he’s pissed off about Brienne.

      I have to say, I prefer this explanation of their relationship to Margaery being in the dark, which would make Loras astonishingly selfish.

      • scarlett45 says:

        Aging up Margery makes it highly unlikely she could be in the dark an have two ounces of common sense. I always got the impression that Book!Margery knew the score as well.

        I don’t think Loras is jealous of his sister specifically, but perhaps of all the attention Renly is getting and all the responsibilities he has now that he is king? Plus he’s sore about losing. Sour puss!:P

      • scarlett45 says:

        I really should stop typing on my iPhone. I meant “and” instead of “an”.

        I’m interested in seeing where the Show Runners take the Tyrells.

        Oh, and I love Sam. He’s so sweet and noble among all the corruption. I’m so glad his Mom got the chance to give him her thimble.

  2. Thanks, I’m glad you’re enjoying it.

    Personally, I agree with Steven that Loras is mostly upset that he got humiliated by Brienne in battle and then again when Renly made her a member of his kings guard. It has to be remembered that Renly marrying Margaery wasn’t their original plan. Originally they wanted to get King Robert to fall for her and divorce Cersei. That plan is good for the Tyrells and probably strengthens Renly’s position at court, it also doesn’t really have any impact at all on Loras and Renly’s relationship. Robert dying threw a wrench in that plan and forced Renly to marry Margaery. In the original plan any benefit to Renly as Master of Law would still be coming through his relationship to Loras. In the new plan everything comes from his marriage to Margaery, which leaves Loras in a very precarious position.

    Jealousy probably isn’t the right word for it since I don’t think he’s afraid of losing Renly to Margaery or anything, but he’s gone from being Renly’s best chance for advancement to now being a potential liability and seems savvy enough to know it.

    • scarlett45 says:

      Yes that’s a fabulous way to explain it. However I wonder if the show runners are carrying that plan over from the books? In the show there was no indication Robert would’ve thought to get rid of Cersei…..not that it matters I suppose.

      Over on the TwoP forums(where I found out about this blog), many are excited for the chance to finally “get inside the Tyrell mind” as it were. With Cersei and Sansa being our main views into the family I’m itching to know what they are like when no one is watching.

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